Build a Flashcard App with Vanilla JavaScript and Bootstrap

Build a Flashcard App with Vanilla JavaScript and Bootstrap

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If you’re comfortable with the fundamentals of JavaScript and are looking to learn how different pieces of JavaScript fit together when building an actual working application, this hands-on project course is for you. Join instructor Mark Lassoff as he shows how to use Vanilla JavaScript, along with the Bootstrap library, to build a flashcard app. Mark starts by demoing the flashcard app, explaining all the functionality, then shows how to add each feature. By the end of the course, you’ll not only have a better understanding of JavaScript, but an app you can add to your portfolio.

Table of Contents

1 Project introduction
2 App demonstration
3 Skills covered
4 The HTML structure
5 The user interface with Bootstrap
6 JavaScript intro
7 Saving cards in an array
8 Saving cards to localStorage with localForage
9 Retrieving the flashcards with localForage
10 Displaying retrieved cards
11 Completing the app
12 Next steps