Firebase Essential Training

Firebase Essential Training
Firebase Essential Training

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

To get a full-stack application up and running, developers often need to divert their attention from their core application to things like performance, security, offline functionality, hosting, and authentication. Firebase, once integrated correctly, takes all these concerns off the developer’s plate, allowing them to concentrate on building an app that delights users. In this course, instructor Shaun Wassell helps you get up to speed with Firebase. Shaun takes an in-depth look at how Firebase works, as well as some of the pros and cons of using the app development platform. He then demonstrates how to incorporate Firebase into a working React application, feature by feature, to turn it into a fully functional app. Learn how to leverage Firebase Authentication, which allows you to avoid setting up your own authentication server; Cloud Functions, which you can use to define back-end functionality; and more.

+ Table of Contents

1 Firebase Stop reinventing the wheel
2 What you should know
3 Installing software and other setup
4 Exercise files
5 What to expect from this course
6 What is Firebase exactly
7 Gather requirements
8 Set up a Firebase account
9 Hook up an app to Firebase
10 Install Firebase CLI tools
11 Example app walk-through
12 What is Firebase Auth
13 Set up the sign-in methods
14 Important Firebase Auth functions
15 Avoid vendor lock-in
16 Create a sign-in wrapper function
17 Create other auth wrapper functions
18 Add private routes
19 Sign in and sign out
20 Authentication pricing
21 What is Firestore
22 Firestore query basics
23 Set up a Firestore database
24 Firestore security rules
25 Populate Firestore with development data
26 Add user wrapper functions
27 Add review wrapper functions
28 Add restaurant wrapper functions
29 Add reservation wrapper functions
30 Add Firestore to a project
31 Implement edit profile functionality
32 Load available times
33 Firestore pricing
34 What are Cloud Functions
35 Add Cloud Functions to a project
36 Write Cloud Functions in ES6+ syntax
37 Build an email verification flow
38 Modify Firestore security rules
39 Create temporary users
40 Verify temporary users
41 Send emails with nodemailer
42 Send emails from Cloud Functions
43 Verify users with Cloud Functions
44 Demonstrate the verification flow
45 Cloud Functions pricing
46 Control access with Cloud Functions
47 Set up to run functions locally
48 Run Cloud Functions
49 The Make a Reservation function, part 1
50 The Make a Reservation function, part 2
51 The Submit Review function
52 The Cancel Reservation function
53 The Get Recommendations function
54 The Search Restaurants function
55 Auth-flow enhancements
56 Enabling OAuth in Firebase
57 Creating new users from Oauth, part 1
58 Creating new users from Oauth, part 2
59 Resetting passwords
60 What is cloud storage
61 Adding cloud storage to a project
62 Uploading profile pictures
63 Uploading review photos
64 Cloud storage pricing
65 What is Firebase Hosting
66 Deploying to Firebase Hosting
67 Hosting pricing
68 Firebase users and permissions
69 Next steps