Explore the Raspberry Pi in 45 Electronics Projects, 3rd Edition – Fully updated for Raspberry Pi 4

Explore the Raspberry Pi in 45 Electronics Projects, 3rd Edition – Fully updated for Raspberry Pi 4

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1907920820 | 288 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap but complete computer system that allows all sorts of electronics parts and extensions to be connected. This book addresses one of the strongest aspects of the Raspberry Pi: the ability to combine hands-on electronics and programming.

Combine hands-on electronics and programming
After a short introduction to the Raspberry Pi you proceed with installing the required software. The SD card that can be purchased in conjunction with this book contains everything to get started with the Raspberry Pi. At the side of the (optional) Windows PC, software is used which is free for downloading. The book continues with a concise introduction to the Linux operating system, after which you start programming in Bash, Python 3 and Javascript. Although the emphasis is on Python, the coverage is brief and to the point in all cases – just enabling you to grasp the essence of all projects and start adapting them to your requirements. All set, you can carry on with fun projects.

The book is ideal for self-study
No fewer than 45 exciting and compelling projects are discussed and elaborated in detail. From a flashing lights to driving an electromotor; from processing and generating analog signals to a lux meter and a temperature control. We also move to more complex projects like a motor speed controller, a web server with CGI, client-server applications and Xwindows programs.

Each project has details of the way it got designed that way
The process of reading, building, and programming not only provides insight into the Raspberry Pi, Python, and the electronic parts used, but also enables you to modify or extend the projects any way you like. Also, feel free to combine several projects into a larger design.