Expert JavaScript LiveLessons

Expert JavaScript LiveLessons

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How do you become an expert JavaScript developer? Let Sahil Khosla delve into the concepts that take you from intermediate to expert in about 6 hours.

JavaScript has become one of the most popular programming languages ever. Developers of all levels are flocking towards JavaScript. And it is no longer restricted to web. Node.js has allowed developers to use JavaScript on the server side as well.

Write Elegant JS ES6+ Code for the Web, Backend, and Lambdas

Sahil Khosla gives students the chance to go beyond the basics and learn about the concepts that are hard to find in an average JavaScript book or video but are essential to mastering the language. In this LiveLessons video, Sahil covers several approaches to writing asynchronous JavaScript that can be leveraged to call APIs or long-running functions without freezing the A61. Learn how to write elegant JS code with ES6 syntax for use in web apps, node backend, or lambdas.

What You Will Learn

  • Get a deeper understanding of advanced concepts such as Promises, Async/Await, Apply/Call/Bind, and frequently used design patterns for writing performant, bug-free, and maintainable code.
  • Gain clarity on vanilla JavaScript concepts so you can focus on learning modern web frameworks without getting lost.
  • Understand how you can develop and publish your own open-source JavaScript libraries.
Table of Contents

1 Expert JavaScript – Introduction
2 Learning objectives
3 Learn about objects
4 Explore out-of-the-box features
5 Understand Execution Context
6 Uncover two phases of running JS code
7 Learn about variable environments
8 Understand Scope Chain
9 Learning objectives
10 Discover functions in JS
11 Understand the difference between objects and functions
12 Learn about IIFEs
13 Explore different ways to use IIFEs
14 Learning objectives
15 Understand ‘this’
16 Understand closures
17 Learn how IIFEs come to the rescue
18 Use Apply Call Bind methods
19 Learning objectives
20 Understand the difference between Var, Const, and Let
21 Use Template Strings
22 Use Object Literals
23 Understand Arrow Functions syntax
24 Accept default params
25 Uncover the Spread operator
26 De-structure an array and object
27 Learning objectives
28 Understand the anatomy of ES6 array methods
29 Explore several array methods in ES6
30 Learning objectives
31 Learn about Prototypes and the Prototype Chain
32 Understand how Prototypical Inheritance works
33 Understand the old way of creating classes
34 Learn the new way to create classes
35 Learning objectives
36 Understand JavaScript Event Loop
37 Learn how callbacks work
38 Understand how Promises work
39 Explore several ways of using Promises
40 Learn Async Await
41 Learning objectives
42 Set up a new library using base-npm-lib
43 Implement features in the new library
44 Build the library using Webpack and Babel
45 Publish the library to public NPM
46 Test the published library
47 Expert JavaScript – Summary