Excel: Charts in Depth

Excel: Charts in Depth
Excel: Charts in Depth

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

Excel charts allow you to communicate information with much more impact than raw numbers and are surprisingly easy to generate. Instructor Dennis Taylor shows you how to create different kinds of Excel charts, from column, bar, line and pie to more recently introduced types like Treemap, Funnel, and Pareto. He explains what types of data work best with each so you can decide which type to choose for your specific information. Plus, learn how to fine-tune your chart’s color and style; add titles, labels, and legends; insert shapes, pictures, and text boxes; and pull data from multiple sources.

Topics include:

  • Chart essentials
  • Fine-tuning charts with design tab choices
  • Inserting pictures, shapes, and text boxes
  • Adding shape effects
  • Applying WordArt styles
  • Working with chart text
  • Changing the rotation of chart text
  • Changing a chart’s data source
  • Printing and sharing charts
  • In-cell chart alternatives
+ Table of Contents

1 Add power to your data with charts
2 Create charts with shortcuts and standard techniques
3 Overview of chart types
4 Choose styles and layouts
5 Change chart orientation
6 Move and resize worksheet charts
7 Add a chart element
8 Change the location of source data
9 Deal with empty and hidden cells
10 Change the default chart type and create a template
11 Modify axes
12 Work with chart and axes titles
13 Link titles to content
14 Add and edit data labels
15 Add a data table
16 Work with gridlines
17 Use legends
18 Add error bars, lines, and up-down bars
19 Analyze existing and future data with trendlines
20 Use pictures as chart elements
21 Work with shapes and arrows
22 Add shape styles and effects
23 Add floating text and text boxes
24 Work with chart text
25 Apply WordArt styles
26 Column and bar charts
27 Line and area charts
28 Pie charts and doughnut charts
29 Combination charts
30 Stock charts
31 Scatter charts
32 Bubble charts
33 Radar charts
34 Gantt charts
35 Overview of new chart types
36 TreeMap charts
37 Sunburst charts
38 Histogram chart
39 Box and whisker chart
40 Pareto chart
41 Waterfall and funnel charts
42 Map charts based on geographic data
43 Create charts from multiple data sources
44 Use a table as source data for a chart
45 Print charts
46 Copy and link charts with Word and PowerPoint
47 Create graphic-in-cell charts with sparklines
48 Use symbols and the REPT function for in-cell charts
49 Create in-cell bar charts with conditional formatting
50 Next steps