The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery

The Excel Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery

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The only bootcamp you need to become an Excel wizard. Learn Excel Formulas and Functions, Data Visualization, Pivot Tables, VBA Macros, and much more. Start or supplement your career with data analysis and modeling skills & get hired in 2022.

What you’ll learn

  • Become a top 10% Excel power user to enhance your skillset and career opportunities
  • Build a Budget Project where you create a personal budgeting spreadsheet that teaches you Excel while analyzing your own finances
  • Automate your day-to-day tasks through Macros and VBA
  • Transform and clean text data with Excel functions like LEFT/RIGHT, MID, FIND, SUBSTITUTE, and TRIM
  • Analyze large datasets with Excel Pivot Tables
  • Use Excel for rapid development of data-driven applications
  • Use Excel’s extensive collection of visualizations to “tell the story” of even the most complex data in an intuitive and visually appealing way
  • Use Excel’s powerful charting engine to tell the story of your data with attractive data visualizations
  • Learn how to build Excel formulas for data analysis, data science, data entry, and everyday office use
  • Manipulate date and time data with functions like DATEDIF and NETWORKDAYS
  • Learn how to work with external datasets
  • Data entry tips and tricks
  • Learn why Excel is one of the most popular pieces of software across all industries
  • Start or supplement your programming journey by recording VBA macros in Excel
Table of Contents

1 Course Outline
2 Join Our Online Classroom!
3 Exercise Meet Your Classmates and Instructor
4 Cheatsheet

<strong>Excel 101</strong>
5 Hello Excel Part 1
6 Hello Excel Part 2
7 Data Entry Part 1
8 Data Entry Part 2
9 Autofill
10 Working With Ranges
11 Working With Rows and Columns
12 Resizing Rows and Columns
13 Freezing Rows and Columns
14 Working With Multiple Worksheets
15 Find and Replace
16 Working With Multiple Workbooks
17 Intro to Formatting
18 Formatting Numbers
19 Formatting Dates and Times
20 Font Styles
21 Text Wrapping and Alignment
22 Cell Borders and Merging
23 Exercise Excel 101

<strong>Filtering and Sorting Data</strong>
24 Intro to Filtering
25 Advanced Filtering
26 Sorting in Excel
27 Exercise Filtering and Sorting Data

<strong>Excel Formulas 101</strong>
28 Intro to Formulas
29 Arithmetic Formulas
30 Applying Formulas to Text
31 Applying Formulas to Dates
32 Copying and Cutting Formulas
33 Cell References
34 Hiding Rows and Columns
35 Exercise Formulas 101
36 Budget Project Introduction
37 Budget Project Formulas 101

<strong>Crunching Numbers With Excel Functions</strong>
38 Intro to Excel Functions
39 Arithmetic Functions
40 Counting Functions
41 The Status Bar
42 Rounding and Truncation
43 Median
44 Standard Deviation
45 Exercise Crunching Numbers With Excel Functions
46 Budget Project Crunching Numbers With Excel Functions

<strong>Conditional Calculations</strong>
47 Conditional Calculations I
48 Conditional Calculations II
49 Conditional Calculations III
50 Exercise Conditional Calculations
51 Budget Project Conditional Calculations
52 Exercise Imposter Syndrome

<strong>Date and Time Functions</strong>
53 Introducing Date and Time Functions
54 Parsing Date and Time Components
55 The DATE Function
56 Applying the DATE and TIME Functions
58 Transforming Date Values
59 Exercise Date and Time Functions
60 Budget Project Date and Time Functions

<strong>Text Functions</strong>
62 FIND and LEN
63 Text Cleaning Functions
64 Exercise Text Functions
65 Budget Project Text Functions

<strong>Logical and Lookup Functions</strong>
66 The IF Function
67 AND and OR
70 Exercise Logical and Lookup Functions
71 Budget Project IF Statements

<strong>Modeling in Excel</strong>
72 Intro to Modeling
73 The PMT Function
74 Data Validation Lists
75 Scroll Bars
76 Named Ranges
77 Model Design
78 Exercise Modeling
79 Budget Project Modeling

<strong>Data Visualization in Excel</strong>
80 Custom Formats
81 Conditional Formatting I
82 Conditional Formatting II
83 Introducing Charts
84 Column Charts
85 Line Charts
86 Exercise Data Visualization
87 Budget Project Data Visualization

<strong>Working With Structured Data in Excel</strong>
88 Text to Columns
89 External Data
90 Table Features
91 Tables as Named Ranges
92 Exercise Working With Structured Data in Excel
93 Budget Project Structured Data

<strong>Pivot Tables</strong>
94 Intro to Pivot Tables
95 Adding Layers to Pivot Tables
96 Pivot Table Formatting and Layout
97 Filtering Pivot Tables
98 Slicers
99 Pivot Table Math
100 Exercise Pivot Tables
101 Budget Project Pivot Tables

<strong>Macros and VBA</strong>
102 Intro to Macros
103 Running Macros With Buttons
104 Editing Macros
105 Macros – A Case Study
106 Exercise Macros and VBA
107 Budget Project Macros and VBA

<strong>Where To Go From Here</strong>
108 Thank You!
109 Become An Alumni
110 LinkedIn Endorsements
111 Learning Guideline

<strong>BONUS SECTION</strong>
112 Bonus Lecture