Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

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Prepare for Microsoft Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, and demonstrate your knowledge of the tools and services that make up the Microsoft Azure DevOps solution. This certification is relevant to any IT professional whose responsibilities include designing and implementing strategies for collaboration, code, infrastructure, source control, security, compliance, continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback. Train with IT industry veteran Paul Furlan, and learn everything you need to pass the exam with flying colors.

The days of specializing in just one technology have become obsolete as people and teams involved in the whole DevOps cycle need to become cross-functional. Developers need to add some operations knowledge to their toolkit, and operations engineers need to incorporate the development and scripting knowledge into theirs to help the whole team output better products faster with higher quality. The Microsoft Exam AZ-400 readies candidates to obtain these skills, and Paul Furlan’s video readies candidates to pass the exam.

What You Will Learn
Learn how to

  • Build a complete application from idea until deployment
  • Deploy an application using a DevOps approach
  • Learn about each phase of the DevOps lifecycle
  • Perform-test your application to detect bugs and make sure it is working as expected
  • Explore infrastructure as code
  • Learn all about containers

Who Should Take This Course

  • Aspiring or practicing Microsoft DevOps engineers
  • Any IT professional looking to pass the AZ-400 exam
  • Systems administrators
  • Cloud administrators
  • Virtualization engineers
Table of Contents

1 Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions Introduction

Lesson 1 Facilitate Communication and Collaboration
2 Learning objectives
3 Learn about Azure DevOps
4 Understand Azure DevOps processes
5 Learn about Azure DevOps boards
6 Lab A Explore Azure Boards
7 Lab B Integrate Azure Boards & Github
8 Explore wiki and dashboards
9 Lab C Create a wiki
10 Lab D Create a dashboard
11 Integrate external tools
12 Lab E Integrate messaging tools
13 Lab F Webhooks and ITSM overview

Lesson 2 Develop a Security and Compliance Plan
14 Learning objectives
15 Learn about security and compliance
16 Design an authentication strategy
17 Lab A Learn about Active Directory features
18 Learn about authentication in Azure DevOps
19 Lab B Integrating Active Directory
20 Lab C Authenticating to Azure Repos
21 Lab D Service Connection authentication
22 Design authorization and governance
23 Lab E Set up policies, groups, and access levels
24 Learn about Azure Key Vault
25 Lab F Set up Azure Key Vault
26 Learn about Azure DevOps variables
27 Lab G Use Azure DevOps variables

Lesson 3 Manage Source Control
28 Learning objectives
29 Learn about SCMVCS tools
30 Lab A Create a git repository
31 Learn git
32 Lab B Practice git
33 Learn about git workflows, branches, and tags
34 Lab C Use git workflows, branches, and tags
35 Work with pull requests and branch policies
36 Lab D Work with branch policies and pull requests
37 Learn about merge types
38 Lab E Learn about merging and merge conflicts
39 Learn about advanced repository features
40 Lab F Learn about advanced git features
41 Learn about Github codespaces
42 Lab G Review Github codespaces

Lesson 4 Define and Implement Continuous Integration
43 Learning objectives
44 Develop build pipelines
45 Lab A Set up build agents
46 Lab B Create classic Azure pipelines
47 Lab C Create YAML pipelines
48 Learn about package management
49 Lab D Create packages
50 Lab E Set up feeds
51 Learn about containers
52 Lab F Build a container image
53 Lab G Run and Push container images
54 Learn about code quality and security
55 Lab H Implement code quality
56 Lab I Implement DevSecOps

Lesson 5 Optimize Build Pipelines
57 Learning objectives
58 Integrate external tools
59 Lab A Integrate Azure pipelines with Github
60 Optimize build
61 Lab B Optimize pipeline performance
62 Lab C Multi-stage docker builds
63 Learn about pipeline monitoring and analytics
64 Lab D Review pipeline monitoring and analytics

Lesson 6 Design Continuous Delivery
65 Learning objectives
66 Learn about the application deployment process
67 Lab A Set up a release pipeline
68 Lab B Set dependencies, approvals, and gates
69 Understand infrastructure as code
70 Lab C Deploy ARM templates
71 Learn about configuration management 
72 Lab D Use custom script extension
73 Lab E Configure desired state configuration
74 Lab F Set up automation state configuration
75 Learn about Azure app configuration
76 Lab G Learn about Azure app configuration

Lesson 7 Implement Continuous Delivery
77 Learning objectives
78 Set up release targets
79 Lab A Learn about deployment groups
80 Lab B Configure a VM scale set
81 Lab C Learn about Azure app service
82 Lab D Set up Kubernetes
83 Test your application
84 Lab E Learn about manual and exploratory testing
85 Lab F Set up automated testing
86 Lab G Learn about test reports
87 Design and implement a release strategy
88 Lab H Set up rolling deployment
89 Lab I Configure canary deployment
90 Lab J Learn about bluegreen deployment

Lesson 8 Develop a Site Reliability Engineering Strategy
91 Learning objectives
92 Understand site reliability engineering
93 Lab A Azure service health
94 Learn about elasticity and load balancing
95 Lab B Load balancer and scale sets
96 Learn about health checks
97 Lab C Load balancer health probe
98 Lab D Container liveness and readiness probes
99 Lab E Application health extension

Lesson 9 Develop an Instrumentation Strategy
100 Learning objectives
101 Learn about Azure monitor
102 Lab A Azure monitor overview
103 Learn about logging and metrics
104 Lab B Logging
105 Lab C Metrics
106 Learn about Application Insights
107 Lab D Application Insights
108 Monitor virtual machines
109 Lab E Monitor virtual machines
110 Set up alerting
111 Lab F Set up alerting
112 Learn about Visual Studio App Center 
113 Lab G Visual Studio App Center

114 Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions Summary