Energy Optimization Protocol Design for Sensor Networks in IoT Domains

Energy Optimization Protocol Design for Sensor Networks in IoT Domains

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1032305592 | 225 Pages | PDF | 19 MB

This book provides an essential overview of IoT, energy-efficient topology control protocols, motivation, and challenges for topology control for Wireless Sensor Networks, and the scope of the research in the domain of IoT. Further, it discusses the different design issues of topology control and energy models for IoT applications, different types of simulators with their advantages and disadvantages. It also discusses extensive simulation results and comparative analysis for various algorithms. The key point of this book is to present a solution to minimize energy and extend the lifetime of IoT networks using optimization methods to improve the performance.


  • Describes various facets necessary for energy optimization in IoT domain.
  • Covers all aspects to achieve energy optimization using latest technologies and algorithms, in wireless sensor networks.
  • Presents various IoT and Topology Control Methods and protocols, various network models, and model simulation using MATLABĀ®.
  • Reviews methods and results of optimization with Simulation Hardware architecture leading to prolonged life of IoT networks.
  • First time introduces bio-inspired algorithms in the IoT domain for performance optimization

This book aims at Graduate Students, Researchers in Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering.