Dynamics, Information and Complexity in Quantum Systems, 2nd Edition

Dynamics, Information and Complexity in Quantum Systems, 2nd Edition

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-3031342479 | 632 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 66 MB

This second edition of Dynamics, Information and Complexity in Quantum Systems widens its scope by focussing more on the dynamics of quantum correlations and information in microscopic and mesoscopic systems, and their use for metrological and machine learning purposes. The book is divided into three parts:

Part One: Classical Dynamical Systems

Addresses classical dynamical systems, classical dynamical entropy, and classical algorithmic complexity.
Includes a survey of the theory of simple perceptrons and their storage capacity.
Part Two: Quantum Dynamical Systems

Focuses on the dynamics of entanglement under dissipative dynamics and its metrological use in finite level quantum systems.
Discusses the quantum fluctuation approach to large-scale mesoscopic systems and their emergent dynamics in quantum systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom.
Introduces a model of quantum perceptron whose storage capacity is computed and compared with the classical one.
Part Three: Quantum Dynamical Entropies and Complexities

Devoted to quantum dynamical entropies and algorithmic complexities.
This book is meant for advanced students, young and senior researchers working in the fields of quantum statistical mechanics, quantum information, and quantum dynamical systems. It is self-contained, and the only prerequisites needed are a standard knowledge of statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and linear operators on Hilbert spaces.