Doing Meta-Analysis with R: A Hands-On Guide

Doing Meta-Analysis with R: A Hands-On Guide

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-0367610074 | 500 Pages | PDF | 53 MB

Doing Meta-Analysis with R: A Hands-On Guide serves as an accessible introduction on how meta-analyses can be conducted in R. Essential steps for meta-analysis are covered, including calculation and pooling of outcome measures, forest plots, heterogeneity diagnostics, subgroup analyses, meta-regression, methods to control for publication bias, risk of bias assessments and plotting tools. Advanced but highly relevant topics such as network meta-analysis, multi-three-level meta-analyses, Bayesian meta-analysis approaches and SEM meta-analysis are also covered. A companion R package, dmetar, is introduced at the beginning of the guide. It contains data sets and several helper functions for the meta and metafor package used in the guide.

The programming and statistical background covered in the book are kept at a non-expert level, making the book widely accessible.


  • Contains two introductory chapters on how to set up an R environment and do basic imports/manipulations of meta-analysis data, including exercises
  • Describes statistical concepts clearly and concisely before applying them in R
  • Includes step-by-step guidance through the coding required to perform meta-analyses, and a companion R package for the book