Deep Learning in Internet of Things for Next Generation Healthcare

Deep Learning in Internet of Things for Next Generation Healthcare

English | 2024 | ISBN: 978-1032586106 | 288 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book presents the latest developments in deep learning-enabled healthcare tools and technologies and offers practical ideas for using the IoT with deep learning (motion-based object data) to deal with human dynamics and challenges including critical application domains, technologies, medical imaging, drug discovery, insurance fraud detection and solutions to handle relevant challenges. This book covers real-time healthcare applications, novel solutions, current open challenges, and the future of deep learning for next-generation healthcare. It includes detailed analysis of the utilization of the IoT with deep learning and its underlying technologies in critical application areas of emergency departments such as drug discovery, medical imaging, fraud detection, Alzheimer’s disease, and genomes.

Presents practical approaches of using the IoT with deep learning vision and how it deals with human dynamics
Offers novel solution for medical imaging including skin lesion detection, cancer detection, enhancement techniques for MRI images, automated disease prediction, fraud detection, genomes, and many more
Includes the latest technological advances in the IoT and deep learning with their implementations in healthcare
Combines deep learning and analysis in the unified framework to understand both IoT and deep learning applications
Covers the challenging issues related to data collection by sensors, detection and tracking of moving objects and solutions to handle relevant challenges

Postgraduate students and researchers in the departments of computer science, working in the areas of the IoT, deep learning, machine learning, image processing, big data, cloud computing, and remote sensing will find this book useful.