Django for APIs: Build web APIs with Python and Django

Django for APIs: Build web APIs with Python and Django

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1735467221 | 200 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 15 MB

Completely updated for Django 4.0 & Django REST Framework 3.13! Learn how to build powerful web APIs in Python using Django and Django REST Framework.

Django for APIs is a project-based guide to building modern web APIs with Django & Django REST Framework. It is suitable for beginners who have never built an API before as well as professional programmers looking for a fast-paced introduction to Django fundamentals and best practices.

Over the course of 200+ pages you’ll learn how to set up a new project properly, how web APIs work under the hood, and advanced testing and deployment techniques. Three separate projects are built from scratch with progressively more advanced features including a Library API, Todo API, and Blog API. User authentication, permissions, documentation, viewsets, and routers are all covered thoroughly.

Django for APIs is a best-practices guide to building powerful Python-based web APIs with a minimal amount of code.