Ditch Your Git GUI: Customize Terminal

Ditch Your Git GUI: Customize Terminal

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A lot of the power of Git—especially when you need to untangle something—is hidden in the command-line interface (CLI). While CLI terminal software may seem intimidating, instructor Melanie Panem shows you ways to make your command-line interface environment more friendly and approachable to work in. Melanie explains various Git GUI software options and compares terminal program options. She walks you through the different shell environments and the common tools you might need. Melanie goes over the standard settings and preferences that are probably already available on your terminal, then dives into using and customizing a rudimentary version of your terminal’s shell, Bash. Once you’ve seen what Bash can do for you, she describes newer shells like Zsh and fish, which can be used to make Bash more efficient. Melanie finishes up by showing you the commands you need for CLI and Git.

Table of Contents

1 Your CLI doesn’t have to be boring

1. Git GUI and Terminal Command-Line Interface Software
2 Available Git GUI software and why you should use a CLI
3 Compare terminal program options
4 Terminal environments and common tools (Bash, Zsh, fish)
5 Install a terminal and the standard settings and preferences

2. The Raw, Classic Power of the Bash Shell
6 Why we’re starting with Bash
7 Your bash aliases, or shortcut commands
8 Your Bash prompt line customizations
9 Why move past Bash

3. Upgraded, Modern Shells Like Zsh and Fish
10 Overview and installation of Oh My Zsh
11 Fun Oh My Zsh themes
12 Oh My Zsh plugins and extras
13 What about the fish terminal shell

4. The Necessary CLI and Git Commands
14 How to navigate your computer via the CLI
15 File and text editing inside the CLI
16 Getting your Git CLI
17 Tips for remembering things

18 Next, level up your CLI skills