Digital Enterprises: Service-Focused, Digitally-Powered, Data-Fueled

Digital Enterprises: Service-Focused, Digitally-Powered, Data-Fueled

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-3031302138 | 366 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 38 MB

This book explores different aspects of and provides concrete suggestions to meet the three main challenges for becoming a “Digital Enterprise”: the transition to the digital age, the emergence of service ecosystems, and the growing role of data as a key underlying resource. As a result of these intertwined and mutually amplifying trends, today’s enterprises are confronted with several challenges that profoundly impact their design, from the definitions of products and services offered to their clients via the business processes that deliver these products and services to the underlying IT infrastructure.

The contributions which are written by leading enterprise architecture researchers and managers of large corporations cover four key aspects which form each one part of the book: Part I presents experiences how different enterprises currently already need to embrace and exploit new challenges like blockchain, customer-centric services, or value co-creation networks. Part II looks at the need for a new design logic, i.e. the need for new ways of thinking regarding the design of enterprises. Part III is concerned with the coordination needed among different stakeholders of the ensuing continuous transformations. Part IV eventually reflects on the ongoing consequences for enterprise modeling as used to capture both the current affairs of an enterprise, as well as design/study its possible future affairs.

The target audience of this book are both master and PhD level students who want to gain insights into key aspects of the challenges confronting digital enterprises, as well as enterprise architects and information managers working in enterprises that are on their way to become digital.