DevOps.js Conference 2021

DevOps.js Conference 2021

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Learn to Build, Deploy and Monitor JavaScript Apps

DevOps.js is an event for all the developers and architects involved in building infrastructure and setting up pipelines and deployments for JavaScript applications.

Table of Contents

1 The Rise of the Dynamic Edge – Glen Maddern
2 DevOps for Frontend: beyond Desktop Browsers – Max Gallo
3 GitHub Actions for Node.js Apps – Thomas Hunter II
4 Build your JS Pipeline in Incremental Fashion with GitLab – Illya Klymov
5 Automate React Site Deployments from GitHub to S3 & CloudFront – Lukonde Mwila
6 Infra vs Apps – Where are my Pipelines? – Julie Ng
7 Owning your Build-step – Owning your Code – Lukas Taegert-Atkinson
8 Yarn in Depth: Why & How – Maël Nison
9 How to Build CI/CD Pipelines for a Microservices Applicatio – Sasha Rosenbaum
10 Increase App Confidence Using CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code – Angel Rivera
11 Intro to the AWS CDK: Infrastructure as Node – Colin Ihrig
12 What’s New in npm? – Darcy Clarke
13 Software Architectures Gone Wild – Jamie Maria Schouren
14 How to Get CI/CD Right in 2021: A Guide to CI and CD – Tiffany Jachja
15 Parcel 2: the Automagical Bundler – Jasper De Moor
16 The Art of Feature Flagging – Dianing Yudono
17 You’re 5 Minutes Away from Code Quality & Code Security – G. Ann Campbell
18 JAM Stack Deployment Platforms and Performance Comparison – Nacho Anaya
19 Mono-repo Vs. Multi-repo Vs. Hybrid Panel Discussion