Deploying Machine Learning Models with Flask for Beginners

Deploying Machine Learning Models with Flask for Beginners

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Create APIs for machine learning with Flask and deploy your application to the web
Key Features
Create your own API endpoint for your machine learning models
Create a Flask application from scratch
Deploy your model on the web

What You Will Learn
Define and train your model
Test the model availability and make predictions
Create a Flask endpoint and perform quality checks
Use image classification in your Flask application
Predict images on the Flask application
Deploy your machine learning model to the web

Flask is a web application framework used to develop web applications. Getting started with Flask is easy, and its power lies in its ability to scale up to complex applications. In this course, you’ll learn the most effective ways to use Flask in order to create your own web application.

You’ll begin with an introduction to Flask and quickly dive into defining and training your model. You’ll perform various actions on this model to train it and ensure that it is of the best quality for your application. You’ll also create and test API endpoints so you can predict the model’s behavior over time.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence to deploy this application to the web and learn how to fix any errors that may arise during this process.

Table of Contents

1 Hello and Welcome to the Course
2 Introduction to Flask
3 Defining and Training the Model
4 Evaluating and Saving the Trained Model
5 Testing the Model Availability and Making a First Prediction
6 Defining the Boundaries of Your Input Data
7 Creating Our Flask Application
8 Creating the Flask Endpoint and Ensuring Data Quality Checks
9 Testing Our API Endpoint
10 Introduction to Image Classification
11 Flask Application – an Endpoint for Your Image Classification API
12 The HTML Template Explained
13 Predicting Images on Your Hosted Flask Web Application
14 Congratulations and Final Words of Wisdom
15 Deploying Your Model on the Internet for Free