Database Essentials

Database Essentials
Database Essentials

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In this course, we will start with the basics of what a database is, then we will explore the different types of databases from flat file to relational. We will install some of the more popular database systems that are available on Linux and see how to work with data in those systems.

+ Table of Contents

1 About the Training Architect
2 Couchbase Working with Data
3 PostgreSQL Installation
4 PostgreSQL Working with Data
5 MSSQL Installation
6 MSSQL Working with Data
7 MySQLMariaDB Installation
8 MySQLMariaDB Working with Data
9 Recommendations for Next Steps
10 What is a Database
11 Types of Databases
12 How Databases Are Used
13 Flat Files You Know and Love
14 Flat Files Used for Configuration
15 MongoDB Installation
16 MongoDB Working with Data
17 Couchbase Installation