Cyber Security: Critical Infrastructure Protection

Cyber Security: Critical Infrastructure Protection

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-3030912925 | 500 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 50 MB

This book focus on critical infrastructure protection. The chapters present detailed analysis of the issues and challenges in cyberspace and provide novel solutions in various aspects. The first part of the book focus on digital society, addressing critical infrastructure and different forms of the digitalization, strategic focus on cyber security, legal aspects on cyber security, citizen in digital society, and cyber security training.

The second part focus on the critical infrastructure protection in different areas of the critical infrastructure. The chapters cover the cybersecurity situation awareness, aviation and air traffic control, cyber security in smart societies and cities, cyber security in smart buildings, maritime cyber security, cyber security in energy systems, and cyber security in healthcare.

The third part presents the impact of new technologies upon cyber capability building as well as new challenges brought about by new technologies. These new technologies are among others are quantum technology, firmware and wireless technologies, malware analysis, virtualization.