Custom SEO Strategy: Keyword Research, Audit & Link Building

Custom SEO Strategy: Keyword Research, Audit & Link Building
Custom SEO Strategy: Keyword Research, Audit & Link Building

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Successfully rank your website on the 1st page of Google. Select the best keywords, optimize your site and build links

Everything you need to know to rank any website is inside this course. Follow along and begin ranking your own website as you go through this course. If you get stuck or you’re not sure what to do, just ask. You’ll receive support as you go.

Let’s dive into the 3 main areas of SEO you need to know to rank a website:

  • Profitable keyword research
  • Custom SEO (optimizing your website to outperform your competitors)
  • Link building

Getting on the 1st page of Google doesn’t have to be so complicated.

The truth is, when you start any SEO campaign with profitable keyword research, you will move forward knowing you can rank for specific keywords rather than just hoping you can. That’s the difference profitable keyword research makes. Here we will go step-by-step through the entire keyword research process including:

  • How to generate hundreds of keyword ideas
  • How to analyze which keywords will bring you the highest converting traffic
  • Which keywords you should target
  • Which keywords will make you the most money
  • Free and premium tools you can use to get the job done quickly
  • How to know which competitors you can beat

This is the complete blueprint for profitable keyword research.

We dive deep into the exact steps you need to take to develop a unique SEO strategy for your specific website. Applying generalized SEO tactics isn’t enough to get you ranked and keep your website on the first page of Google.

To successfully rank your website on the first page of Google, you need to know:

  • exactly how search engines view your website
  • what search engines want you to do to make your website better
  • what SEO techniques your competitors are using
  • what specific steps you need to take to outrank and outperform your competitors

and that’s exactly what you’ll gain access to here.

Learn exactly what it takes to create and implement a successful link building campaign to boost your search engine rankings.

The techniques taught in this course focus on long term results, not “quick wins” or “black hat methods.” By using these techniques you will be able to avoid Google penalties, keep your rankings despite search engine algorithm changes and stay ahead of the competition.

Inside we’ll also answer top back linking questions including:

  • When should you start the back linking process?
  • How many back links do you need?
  • How quickly should you build back links?
  • How many back linking methods should I use?
  • How long does it take to see results?

Can you imagine how great it’s going to feel to know that you WILL outrank and outperform your competition before you ever get started with SEO?

What you’ll learn

  • Use keyword research to better profit from SEO
  • Know the financial value of the keyword you target
  • Be familiar with free and premium keyword research tools
  • Understand the different types of keywords to choose the most profitable ones
  • How to generate hundreds of keyword ideas quickly
  • Generate a keyword plan for your SEO campaign
  • Know which keywords you will be able to rank for
  • Create and implement a full link building campaign
  • Find the best back links for any website
  • Analyze the competition to know how to outrank them
  • Understand the what, where, when, why and how to back linking
  • Develop an internal linking structure to boost rankings and improve link building efforts
  • Know which free (and premium) tools can be used in the link building process
  • Download examples of exact link building strategies to use in your own link building campaign
  • Understand what an SEO audit is and why it is key to achieving top search engine rankings
  • Understand the step-by-step process for performing an SEO audit to fully understand a website’s ranking potential
  • View a website how a search engine sees it
  • Select the right keywords to optimize a website for
  • Use a variety of on-page optimization techniques to increase search engine rankings
  • Properly optimize website content for maximum SEO results
  • Know a website’s speed, what slows it down and how to fix it
  • Understand the importance of a website set-up to convert visitors
  • Set-up and use top reports from top search engine tools
  • How to get web pages indexed quickly in search engines
  • See how well your website is set-up to rank in search engines and track results
  • Determine who your online competitors are
  • See what competitors are doing and how to outperform their SEO efforts
  • Determine how to outrank and outperform your competition
+ Table of Contents

Why I’m Excited About This Course and Why You Should Be Too
1 Why I’m Excited About This Course and Why You Should Be Too
2 How to Take This Course
3 Join Me Here to Learn More About SEO

An Introduction to Profitable Keyword Research
4 What is Profitable Keyword Research
5 What Can You Do With Your Keyword Research
6 The Benefits of Keyword Research Beyond Just Traffic
7 The 5 Step Keyword Research Process

Understanding Keywords
8 Section 2 What To Expect Inside This Section
9 Signs of a Successful Keyword Research to Look For
10 Understanding Search Intent
11 Types of Keywords You Need to Understand

Keyword Research Tools
12 Section 3 What To Expect Inside This Section
13 Use of Keyword Research Tools
14 List of Keyword Research Tools (Free and Premium Options)

How to Easily (& Quickly) Generate a Long List of Potential Keywords to Research
15 Section 4 What To Expect Inside This Section
16 Expanding on Keywords That Are Already Working For You
17 Keyword Ideas From Other Websites & Potential Competitors
18 Using What You Know (or Your Client) Knows to Start Your Keyword Research List
19 Breaking Down Keywords into Categories to Generate More Ideas
20 Quick Brainstorming Time Out
21 How to Quickly Find Highly Searched For Keywords
22 The Tool That Gives Related Searches & Terms to Help Expand Your Keyword List
23 How to Find Hundreds of Potential Keywords in Seconds
24 Using Google Keyword Planner for Long Tail Keyword Ideas
25 Google Keyword Planner & Landing Pages

Determining Keyword Search Volume To Find Your Traffic Driving Keywords
26 Section 5 What To Expect Inside This Section
27 How Many Keywords Should I Target At One Time
28 How Many Searches Should A Good Keyword Have
29 Use This Free Tool to Find General Keyword Search Volume
30 Another Option for Finding Keyword Search Volume

Analyzing the Ranking Data & Keyword Competition to Find The Winners
31 Section 6 What To Expect Inside This Section
32 Why Analyze Your Keyword Competition
33 Understanding Page Rank and Page Authority
34 Free Tools to Find a Webpage’s Page Rank and PA & What You’re Looking For Here
35 What Do Backlinks Have To Do With Keyword Research
36 Analyzing Backlinks to Determine How Quickly You Can Rank a Keyword (Free Tools)
37 Analyzing Backlinks With Premium Tools
38 Links to the Backlink Tools Discussed

Putting Your Keyword Research Into Action
39 So Your Keyword Research Is Complete. Now What
40 Bonus How to Determine the Monetary Value of a Keyword

An Introduction to SEO Auditing
41 What is an SEO Audit
42 Why Conduct an SEO Audit
43 How Often You Should Complete an SEO Audit
44 How You Can Perform Your Own SEO Audit
45 How Long It Takes to Complete an SEO Audit

Preparing For The Audit
46 Overview What We’re Going to Cover
47 Complete These Action Steps Before Moving on to The Next Section
48 How to Track Your Findings
49 Sample SEO Audit Checklist – DOWNLOAD & USE
50 Questions to Ask Before Starting an SEO Audit
51 SEO Audit Questions – DOWNLOAD
52 A Quick Look at The Real Website We’ll Be Auditing in This Course
53 Getting a General SEO Overview of the Site You’re Auditing
54 How to View Your Website Like a Search Engine
55 Research The Domain Before You Buy It Or Start SEO (See How and Why Here)

Site Audit Part 1 On-Site Optimization
56 Overview What We’re Going to Cover
57 Correct Use of Text Formatting
58 Use of Quality and Unique Content & Other Content Factors
59 Use of 2 Internal Linking Factors
60 Image Files, Sizes & Tags
61 What Do You Think
62 Broken Links
63 Is Your Website User-Friendly
64 Page Speed for Better Rankings & Conversion
65 Sample Code For On-Page Optimization
66 What is On-Site SEO
67 Complete These Action Steps Before Moving on to The Next Section
68 What Keywords Do You Want to Rank For
69 Using a Keyword Density Analyzer
70 Titles & Descriptions
71 URL Structure
72 Quick Tip About URL Structure
73 Use of Canonical URLs
74 Correct Use of H1 & H2 Tags

SEO Audit Part 2 Using Website Standards & Tools
75 Overview What We’re Going to Cover
76 Are You Tracking Your Website’s Rankings & Search Engine Information
77 Complete These Action Steps Before Moving on to The Next Section
78 Use of Website Analytic Tools
79 Tracking Top Analytic Reports
80 Using Google Webmaster Tools
81 Quick Tip for Ranking Website With Multiple Languages
82 Using Bing Webmaster Tools
83 XML Sitemap for Search Engines
84 Robots.txt

SEO Audit Part 3 Off Site SEO
85 Overview What We’re Going to Cover
86 What is Off Page SEO
87 Incoming Link Analysis
88 How to Use Your Link Analysis to Increase Your Rankings
89 Website Domain Authority
90 Using Your Competition Analysis to Outrank Your Competition
91 + Local Directories to Submit Your Business Website (US List)
92 Local Directories to Submit Your Business Website (UK List)
93 Complete These Action Steps Before Moving on to The Next Section

SEO Audit Part 4 Competition Analysis
94 Overview What We’re Going to Cover
95 What is a Competition Analysis & Why Is It Important
96 How to Perform a SEO Competitor Analysis
97 Identifying Your SEO Competitors
98 What to Look for When Doing a Competition Analysis – The Complete List
99 More Fun Tools for Spying On Your Competition
100 Complete These Action Steps Before Moving on to The Next Section

Website Promotion
101 Using a Promotional Strategy
102 Examples of Website Promotional Strategies
103 Is Your Website Mobile Friendly Here’s How to Test and Fix It

Completing the Website SEO Audit
104 What to Do Once You Complete The SEO Audit & Where to Start
105 Full Website SEO Audit Checklist – DOWNLOAD & USE
106 Complete List of SEO Auditing Tools Used in This Course
107 Complete List of Action Steps to Complete Your Own Website’s SEO Audit

Understanding Link Building
108 What You’ll Know (And Be Able To Do) By The End Of This Course
109 What Is Link Building
110 Why Build Links To Your Website

A Few Things To Understand About Back Linking
111 What We’re Going to Cover
112 Link Metric Cheat Sheet – DOWNLOAD & USE
113 Two Questions To Ask Yourself About Every Link You Build
114 Ultimate Criteria For Determining The Value of a Backlink
115 Additional Tips for Selecting Quality Back Links
116 The Best Positioning Of A Link
117 Places To Avoid Getting Links From
118 International Links
119 Reasons Other Websites Will Link To You
120 Understand Your Back Link Profile Before Getting Started

The Top Backlinking Questions Anwsered
121 What We’re Going to Cover
122 When Should You Start Link Building
123 How Many Backlinks Do I Need
124 How Quickly Should I Build Backlinks
125 How Many Back Linking Methods Should I Use
126 Which Pages Should I Build Links To
127 How Long Does Link Building Take
128 Should I Remove Bad Back Links Pointing to My Site

The Importance of Understanding Your Competition When Link Building
129 What We’re Going to Cover
130 Analyzing Your Competition Before Starting Your Link Building Campaign
131 Back Linking Tools Worth Using
132 List of Top Back Linking Research Tools (Free and Premium)
133 Analyzing Your Back Link Profile Before Starting a Link Building Campaign

Link Building Tactics & Techniques Where to Find and Acquire Links
134 What We’re Going to Cover
135 Easier Methods for Getting .Gov and .Edu Back Links
136 Using Partners to Your Advantage
137 The Testimonials Trick
138 The Power of Discount Promotion for Building Links
139 Internal Linking Structure
140 Easy Ways to Search For Other Link Building Opportunities In Your Space
141 Backlinks from Traffic Generation Sources
142 Promoting Content to Drive Traffic & Boost Rankings
143 Using Embeds for Non-Written Content
144 Backlinks from Reputation Management Sources
145 How Social Media Impacts SERP
146 Using Profile Links To Your Advantage

Directories To Use or Not To Use
147 Intro What We’re Going to Cover
148 Web Directories
149 Directory Exceptions
150 Image Directories
151 Design Galleries

Resources & Download Section
152 Searches to Use For Finding Relevant Websites – Download & Use
153 + Top Content Submission Sites (Broken Down By Type of Content)
154 Sample Embed Code
155 Searches to Use For Finding .Gov & .Edu Back Links
156 Coupon Submission Sites – General and Group Specific
157 Searches to Use For Local Business Opportunities
158 Top Web Directories Google Still Values Highly
159 Back Links With Image Directories
160 Back Links With Design Galleries

Pulling It All Together
161 Wrapping Up
162 Let’s Continue Learning Together