Computational Methods for Bioinformatics: Python 3.4, 2nd Edition

Computational Methods for Bioinformatics: Python 3.4, 2nd EditionReviews
Author: Jason Kinser
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: n/a
Pages: 568
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 10 Mb


This textbook provides an introduction for computational methods in bioinformatics using a spreadsheet, Python 3.4 and MySQL. Methods are shown to manipulate basic information and to execute common analytical techniques. This text is designed for the biology student that has very little experience in computer analysis.


Table of Contents

Part I Computing in Office Software
1 Mathematics Review
2 Scientific Writing
3 Computing with a Spreadsheet
4 Gene Expression Arrays: Excel

Part II Python Scripting Language
5 Python Installation
6 Python Data and Computations
7 Python Logic Control
8 Input and Output
9 Python and Excel
10 Reading a Binary File
11 Python Arrays
12 Python Functions and Modules
13 Object Oriented Programming
14 Random Numbers
15 Gene Expression Arrays: Python

Part III Computational Applications
16 DNA as Data
17 Application in GC Content
18 DNA File Formats
19 Principle Component Analysis
20 Codon Frequencies in Genomes
21 Sequence Alignment
22 Simulated Annealing
23 Genetic Algorithms
24 Multiple Sequence Alignment
25 Trees
26 Clustering
27 Text Mining

Part IV Database
28 Spreadsheet and Databases
29 Common Database Interfaces
30 Fundamental Commands
31 Queries with Multiple Tables
32 Connecting Python with MySQL