The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

The Complete WordPress Website Business Course
The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Master WordPress with this Complete WordPress Course, without learning how to code and without any programming!

It’s probably no surprise to you that the WordPress community has thousands of really talented and creative developers, designers and technologists working within it. And you may know that much of their work is available as open-source resources that will enable you to build your own business.

The open-source philosophy doesn’t mean that no one makes any money. On the contrary, by sharing much of what we, as a community, create, we all prosper much, much more, because we all share in expanding what’s possible with WordPress.

By spending zero-to-little money, you can stand on the shoulders of those who came before you, to create your own business niche, by learning the skills and secrets presented in this course.

Summary of what you’ll get

  • Over 20 hours of video teaching and training.
  • Learn to set up local development environments to play with WordPress websites in private, on your own computer.
  • Evaluate and choose hosting for your own websites and client sites, with insights from 15 years of hosting client websites.
  • Free extended hosting trials at SiteGround and Flywheel for performing coursework and hosting your website experiments.
  • Premium Products WordPress Sandbox, where you can play with many premium WordPress resources, like Genesis Framework and Themes, WPMUDev Plugins, and other premium tools.
  • Your Website Sandbox lets you create an unlimited number of experimental learning environments.
  • Build more than 10 modern mobile-responsive websites, each with a different focus and learning purpose – each one could be re-purposed for a client website.
  • Active and helpful community and forum.

What will I learn that I can apply to creating a profitable business right away?

  • Download and configure free open-source software tools and use online services to build the resources you need to create and manage WordPress websites.
  • Master the ins-and-outs of hosting and development environments, including servers, files, and databases that WordPress uses.
  • Learn how to get into the WordPress files and database to manually manage installation and troubleshooting for WordPress websites.
  • Build a simple brochure website after installing and configuring WordPress manually.
  • Add contact forms, Google Maps embedded in the site, and Google Analytics integrations for tracking visitors and traffic.
  • Create a blog-style website, including category and tag navigation systems, and post formats for organizing content.

How about more advanced topics I’ll need?

  • WordPress website migration and moving sites to different hosts and servers.
  • Hosting differences and migration services.
  • Using staging areas for website development and updating.
  • Working with Theme Frameworks and Child Themes.
  • Creating a Child Theme manually and using a plugin.
  • Customizing the WordPress Dashboard for clients.
  • Working with plugins, and vetting them for usability, reputation and longevity.
  • Website Speed and Performance testing.
  • Custom Post Types for customizing a website’s functionality to match the needs of a client.
  • Working with and extending Genesis Child Themes.
  • Setting up email systems: transactional email sent by WordPress, marketing email sent to email lists in bulk, and specific email addresses at website domains.
  • ECommerce and WordPress: using WooCommerce to build a webstore, and using Custom Post Types within WooCommerce.
  • Customizing Account, Cart, and Checkout pages.
  • Shipping and Digital Delivery.
  • Updating WordPress, Themes and Plugins.
  • Managing multiple websites for recurring income.
  • Creating multiple backup and restore systems.
  • Using website security through https:// and SSL Certificates.

Landing, managing, and keeping great clients

  • Finding clients and building client proposals
  • Website care and management services for recurring income.
  • Client billing for flat-rate projects and recurring charges.
+ Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – About this Course
1 What You Need for this Course
2 What You’ll Learn in this Course
3 WordPress Tour and Different Versions
4 Tools – Domains, FTP, Image Editing, Invoices, and Taking Payments
5 Resource List for your Toolbox

Chapter 2 – Prepare Hosting, Servers, and Install WordPress
6 Hosting and Local Development Environments
7 Student Sandbox Code
8 Get Your Sandbox
9 WordPress Defaults
10 Website Hosting and Development Options
11 Your First WordPress Website – using Local by Flywheel
12 Local by Flywheel – Files and Database Structure
13 Your Free SiteGround Hosting Account
14 Your Free Flywheel Hosting Account
15 Install WordPress Manually using Local by Flywheel
16 Install WordPress Manually using MAMP
17 Explore WordPress Files and Database

Chapter 3 – Build a Brochure Site
18 Create a New WordPress Installation
19 Salts and Plugins
20 Static Homepage and Posts
21 Interior Pages, Navigation and Sidebar
22 Configure Contact Form
23 New rules for Google Maps – Get your API Key
24 Configure Google Maps
25 Configure Google Analytics

Chapter 4 – Build a Blog Style Homepage Site
26 Modify Homepage and Import Sample
27 Change Theme and Modify Homepage
28 Revise Navigation, Header and Footer
29 Categories and Category Navigation
30 Tags and Tag Navigation
31 Post Formats and Finishing Up

Chapter 5 – Migrating WordPress for Staging and Development
32 Site Migration using Plugins
33 Migrate a Site Manually
34 Migrate a Live Site to Local Staging
35 Migrating to Live Host and Staging Areas
36 Change Theme and Update Live Site

Chapter 6 – Premium Themes, Frameworks and Child Themes
37 Why Premium Themes
38 Frameworks and Child Themes
39 Create a Child Theme Manually
40 Create a Child Theme Using a Plugin
41 Change the Admin Dashboard
42 Genesis Child Themes in the Sandbox
43 More Genesis Child Theme Edits
44 Code Snippets and WP Clips Plugins

Chapter 7 – Premium Plugins and Choosing Plugins
45 Premium Plugins at
46 Envato Market for Premium Plugins
47 Choosing Plugins from the Repository
48 Premium vs. Lite Plugin Soliloquy Slider
49 Premium Plugins in the Sandbox

Chapter 8 – Build a Specialized Homepage Site, Corporate Style
50 Executive Pro Import Demo Content
51 Genesis Homepage Widget Areas
52 Special CSS Classes in Genesis Themes
53 Navigation, Header and Footer
54 Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
55 Featured Post Widgets and Blog Archive
56 Contact Form and Customizations

Chapter 9 – Build a Scrolling Homepage Site
57 Activate and Explore Cafe Pro Theme
58 Scrolling Navigation with Anchor Tags
59 Affinity Theme Scrolling Homepage
60 Cafe Pro Homepage Widget Layouts
61 How I customized the Café Pro Homepage
62 Custom Post Types with Custompress
63 Implement Your Custom Post Types
64 Homepage Content and Conditional Widgets

Chapter 10 – Custom Post Types with the Author Pro Plugin
65 Set Up Author Pro Theme and Plugin
66 Frontend Display of Author Pro CPT
67 Author Pro Homepage and Book Widgets
68 Further Author Pro Customizations
69 Book Cover using the PSD Template
70 Change Themes Preserving CPT Data

Chapter 11 – Email Systems Transactional, Marketing and SendReceive at domains
71 Two Types of Internal Email Transactional and Marketing
72 Mailchimp and WordPress User Synchronization
73 Email Addresses at Private Domains
74 Transactional Email Setup with Google
75 Transactional Email Setup with SendGrid
76 Transactional Email Setup with SparkPost
77 Mailchimp Marketing and Autoresponders
78 Mailchimp Signup Forms and Opt-in System
79 Mailchimp Emails and Thank You Pages
80 Sandbox form with Genesis Enews Extended

Chapter 12 – Build an Ecommerce Site
81 WooCommerce Plugin Settings
82 Custom Post Types in WooCommerce
83 Account, Cart and Checkout Pages
84 Payment Systems and Inventory
85 Shipping and Digital Delivery
86 Free Product and Store Customizations
87 Marketing List Sync and Store Emails

Chapter 13 – Managing Updates, Security and Speed
88 WordPress Core Updates
89 Plugin and Theme Updates
90 Managing Multiple Websites
91 Changes to Login and Authentication Plugins
92 Hosting and Third Party Security Services
93 Security Plugins and Monitoring
94 Multiple Backups and Restore Systems
95 Using https and SSL Certificates

Chapter 14 – Proposals, Maintenance Plans, and Client Billing
96 Website Proposals that Win Clients
97 Website Care Plans & Recurring Income