The Complete Quantum Computing Course

The Complete Quantum Computing Course

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Learn everything you need to know about Quantum Computers, develop circuits to execute on them with Python and Qiskit!

Welcome to the Complete Quantum Computing Course!

Quantum computers are expected to change our lives drastically in upcoming years. We know we can solve specific problems in minutes in Quantum computers while we can solve them in thousands of years in classical computers. If you want to get ahead of the technology and learn about future, then you are at the right place!

Throughout the course we will start from scratch and understand principals of quantum mechanics and how to use them in quantum computers. We will write our own codes to execute on real quantum computers using IBM Qiskit technology. If you have high school level of mathematical knowledge, you can take this course.

Some of the topics that will be covered throughout the course:

  • Quantum Computer and Classical Computer principals
  • Probability, Statistics, Matrices
  • Superposition
  • Entanglement
  • Interference
  • Qubit
  • Superdense Coding
  • Quantum Teleportation
  • Bernstein Vazirani Algorithm
  • Deutsch Algorithm
  • Shor Algorithm
  • Grover Algorithm
  • Python from Scratch
  • Quantum Fourier Transform
  • Quantum Phase Estimation

When you complete this training you will be able to understand theory and practice of Quantum Computing, write your own circuits and execute codes on real quantum computers. You will easily adapt your quantum knowledge to other Quantum computers rather than IBM. Since IBM is the only provider for quantum computers on cloud, without paying any fee right now, all examples will be executed on IBMQ.

What you’ll learn

  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Programming
  • Qiskit
  • Python
  • Quantum Computers
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 How To Use This Course
3 Presentation for the Course

Mathematical Foundations
4 Intro to Mathematical Foundations
5 How Classical Computers Work
6 Probability
7 Statistics
8 Complex Numbers
9 Matrix
10 Matrix Operations
11 Special Matrices
12 Lineer Transformation

Qubit and Physics
13 Qubit Introduction
14 Superposition and Interference
15 Entanglement
16 Qubit State
17 Braket
18 Multi Qubit

Python from Scratch
19 Introduction to Python from Scratch
20 Anaconda Installation for Windows Users
21 Anaconda Installation for MAC Users
22 Numbers
23 Variables
24 Downloading Notebooks
25 Python from Scratch All GitHub Links
26 String
27 Advanced String
28 Variable Attributes
29 Lists
30 Lists Advanced
31 Dictionary
32 Sets
33 Tuples
34 Boolean
35 Logical Comparisons
36 If Statements
37 Statements Continued
38 Statements Practical Usage
39 For Loop
40 For Loop Practical Usage
41 Break Continue Pass
42 While Loop
43 Useful Methods
44 Zip and Random
45 Lists Advanced
46 Sublime Text for Windows Users
47 Command Prompt for Windows Users
48 Sublime Text for MAC Users
49 Terminal for MAC Users
50 Functions Explained
51 Input and Output
52 Functions Advanced
53 Functions Practical Usage
54 Scope
55 Class
56 Methods
57 Class Practical Usage
58 Inheritance
59 Special Methods
60 Error Handling
61 Using Libraries
62 Writing Own Modules
63 Imported vs Direct

Qiskit 101
64 Introduction to Qiskit
65 Classical Gates
66 IBM Signup
67 Quantum Gates
68 Entanglement
69 Qiskit
70 First Circuit
71 Running on Simulator
72 Getting Real Quantum Computer Properties
73 Running on Real Quantum Computer
74 Toffoli
75 GitHub Links

76 Introduction to Teleportation
77 Phase
78 Phase and Bloch Sphere
79 Phase ve Bloch Sphere GitHub Link
80 Superdense Coding
81 Quantum Teleportation
82 Teleporation in Qiskit
83 Quantum Teleportation GitHub Link

Bernstein Vazirani
84 Introduction to Bernstein Vazirani
85 Quantum Algorithms
86 Bernstein Vazirani Algorithm
87 Improving Codes
88 Bernstein Vazirani GitHub Link

89 Introduction to Deutsch
90 Deutsch Algorithm
91 Creating Algorithm
92 Deutsch in Qiskit
93 Deutsch GitHub Link

94 Introduction to Grover’s
95 Classical Search Algorithm
96 Applying Grover’s on Qiskit
97 Grover’s GitHub Link
98 Aqua and Dinner Party
99 Dinner Party GitHub Link

100 Introcution to Shor’s
101 Shor’s Algorithm
102 Classical Way GitHub Link
103 Shor Easy Way
104 Shor Easy Way GitHub Link
105 Quantum Fourier Transform
106 Quantum Phase Estimation
107 Extra Links

Next Steps
108 Introduction to Next Steps
109 Qiskit Documentation
110 Quantum Hardware