The complete guide to testing javascript & node applications

The complete guide to testing javascript & node applications
The complete guide to testing javascript & node applications

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Become job ready for advanced nodejs development by mastering testing from scratch, jest, cypress, mocha and more.

When I started learning how to test, everything looked so easy.

Assert 2 + 2 = 4 ?

Sure, piece of cake. But when I was faced with a real world application, this was terrifying. I couldn’t catch up at my job. It was depressing. I didn’t understand what mocking was. Neither did I understand topics like stubbing or spying.

That’s why I created this course. You are going to start from scratch, understanding exactly what a test is, what an assertion is, what errors are, and then we’ll move on to more basic topics like:

  • Unit testing
  • Test runners
  • Assertion libraries
  • Test suites and organising tests
  • Running tests

To master these concepts, we’ll write unit tests for real world functions, and understand exactly how testing feels when working on a real world project.

We’ll have a full-stack real-world advanced javascript application, build with the latest features of Javascript, and we’ll clone this project, and write tests for it from scratch.

There will be plenty of assignments and code reviews, to make sure you understand exactly what is being thought in the course.

After our feet are wet , and we can write basic tests, and after solving multiple exercises, we’ll move on to a more real world approach, covering advanced topics like:

  • Feature / integration testing
  • Mocking
  • Spying & stubbing
  • Asynchronous tests
  • Database testing
  • End to end testing

We’ll then dive into TEST DRIVEN JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPMENT, understanding the RED, GREEN, REFACTOR TESTING CYCLE, and how to apply this into our projects to build more robust and bug free applications.

So what are you waiting for ? Are you ready to become an advanced javascript engineer? Enrol now and let’s get started !

What you’ll learn

  • Get a very deep understanding of unit testing
  • Test real world node-js APIs with both unit testing & integration testing
  • Become a guru at writing end to end tests for all sorts of applications
  • Master mocking, stubbing, and common techniques of testing applications
  • Understand when and how to use feature tests, unit tests, and end to end tests.
+ Table of Contents

Source code
1 How to get the source code for all lessons

Testing Javascript Introduction from scratch
2 What is a test
3 What is an assertion
4 What are test runners
5 Testing parse and stringify functions
6 Testing async functions
7 Testing rejected promises
8 Code coverage
9 Migrating to jest

Unit testing nodejs apps
10 Project setup
11 Testing pre-save hooks for mongoose models
12 Mocking packages with jest
13 Setup and teardown
14 Testing instance methods
15 Mock functions with jest
16 Mock and spies
17 Testing the authentication middleware
18 Refactoring to test utils

Integration testing nodejs apis
19 Testing the registration process
20 Testing failed validations
21 Testing the email confirmation processes

End to end testing with cypress
22 Setting up cypress
23 Testing the home page
24 Testing the login process