The Complete Coding Manual: Master coding and unlock your programming potential

The Complete Coding Manual: Master coding and unlock your programming potential
Author: James Gale
Pub Date: 2019
ISBN: n/a
Pages: 195
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 152 Mb


Everything you need to start learning how to code…
Code exists everywhere you look. From your smartphone to your smart TV, from your fridge freezer to your washing machine and from your car to road traffic signs, everything you interact with in this modern world has been coded at some level by people who, like you perhaps, started by learning the basics.
However, the coding world can be an incredibly confusing place to start exploring. Which programming language do you learn? Which version of the language to start learning? What do you need to enter code? How does it work? Where do you start? It’s little wonder many people give up before they even begin entering their first lines of code.
The Complete Coding Manual aims to help by guiding you through the quagmire of technical lingo, version numbers, tools and platforms. We will help you discover how to start coding, what to use, how to structure your coding and how to become a programmer. Initially, learning to code is challenging, but we’re here to help you get going. In the pages of this book, you will discover how to get through those First steps in the world of coding. There are tutorials on the basic Foundations of Python, C++, Linux scripting and even using FUZE BASIC on the Raspberry Pi.
Once you’ve learned the basics there’s an entire universe of creativity and project ideas to discover, the only limit is your knowledge so let’s get you coding.