The Complete Career Toolkit: Personal Branding, Resume Building + more

The Complete Career Toolkit: Personal Branding, Resume Building + more

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Creating a strong personal brand can be a powerful tool for career success. It’s how you set yourself apart from everyone else. This course will help you build your personal brand, professional resume, cover letter, portfolio website, and case study to go with it so that you STAND OUT for the better. We’ll even help you navigate the interview process. This truly is… The Complete Career Toolkit.

Let’s get serious about your reaching your career goals. Learn about the design and psychology behind personal branding, resumes, cover letters, portfolio websites, and more. The best part? You’ll build your own version of all these step-by-step with templates and the latest tools! You’ll even learn about different interview styles (behavioral, technical, app critique, past work) and how to ace each from an industry pro.


  • Create a personal brand and logo that will help you stand out in your industry
  • Step-by-step guide to crafting an effective application package, including resume and cover letter
  • Learn to use tools like Canva, Figma, Super and Notion
  • Create a case study that exemplifies your experience and value proposition to potential employers
  • Learn alongside an industry pro with over a decade of experience who has taken his deep knowledge from all corners of the tech world and combined it into this course
  • Understand the different types of tech interviews and how best to prepare
  • Quickly build a professional portfolio website using no-code tools
  • Give yourself the best shot at landing your dream career
Table of Contents

1 The Complete Career Toolkit
2 Introduction
3 Create Your Own Logo in Canva
4 How Logos Can Enhance Your Personal Brand
5 Research Your Brand and Market
6 Logo Design Basics
7 Create Your Logo in Canva
8 Assignment Create Your Own Logo With Canva
9 What Is a Personal Brand_
10 The Importance of a Personal Brand
11 Building a Personal Brand – Intro
12 Building a Personal Brand – What Do You Want to Accomplish
13 Building a Personal Brand – Your Unique Value Proposition
14 Building a Personal Brand – Define Your Audience
15 Building a Personal Brand – Social Media and Community
16 Building a Personal Brand – Develop a Content Strategy
17 Building a Personal Brand – The Personal Brand Statement
18 Demo – Examples of Personal Brands
19 Check-In – Quick Personal Brand Tips!
20 Check-In – The Psychology of Sharing
21 Resources – Personal Brand Worksheets
22 Assignment – Build Your Own Personal Brand
23 Recap – What Did We Learn_
24 Anatomy of a Resume
25 Choosing the Right Resume Format
26 Building Your Resume – Intro
27 Building Your Resume – The Header and Personal Summary
28 Building Your Resume – Experience
29 Building Your Resume – Skills
30 Building Your Resume – Education, Certification and Accomplishments
31 Check-In – Quick Resume Tips!
32 Resources – Resume Templates
33 Assignment – Create Your Own Resume
34 Recap – What Did We Learn_
35 Building Your Cover Letter – Intro
36 Building Your Cover Letter – Making Your Own Cover Letter
37 Building Your Cover Letter – Experienced vs. Entry Level
38 Resources – Cover Letter Templates
39 Assignment – Create Your Own Cover Letter
40 Recap – What Did We Learn_
41 Introduction
42 What Makes a Candidate Stand Out_
43 The Similarities Found in Good Portfolios
44 No Experience_ No Problem!
45 How To Select Projects To Showcase
46 What Is A Case Study_
47 The Case Study Template
48 Examples of Good Case Studies – Part 1
49 Examples of Good Case Studies – Part 2
50 Resources – Case Study Worksheets
51 Assignment – Create Your Own Case Study
52 Recap – What Did You Learn_
53 Planning Your Website
54 Examples of Great Portfolios
55 Choosing a Website Builder
56 Using Figma Slides
57 Notion Exercise – Intro to Notion
58 Notion Exercise – Creating Pages and Blocks
59 Notion Exercise – Creating a Database
60 Notion Exercise – Using Templates
61 Project – Creating a Simple Website in Notion
62 Project – Creating a Portfolio Website in Notion – The Home Page
63 Project – Creating a Portfolio Website in Notion – Resume and About Pages
64 Resources – Notion Website Template
65 Assignment – Create a Notion Website
66 Exercise – Intro to Super
67 Exercise – Create a Basic Site
68 Exercise – Navigation and Footer
69 Project – Super Website – Initial Setup and Navigation
70 Project – Super Website – Colors
71 Project – Super Website – Footer
72 Project – Super Website – Layout and Database Options
73 Project – Super Website – Typography
74 Resources – Notion Website Templates for Super
75 Assignment – Create a Simple No Code Website Using Super
76 Recap – What Did We Learn_
77 Exercise Imposter Syndrome
78 Acing the Interview – Intro
79 Acing the Interview – Behavioral Interviews
80 Acing the Interview – Technical Interviews
81 Acing the Interview – App Critique Interviews
82 Acing the Interview – Past Work Interviews
83 Check In – Interview Quick Tips!
84 Acing the Interview – After the Interview
85 Recap – What Did We Learn_
86 Thank You!