The Complete Android O App Development

The Complete Android O App Development
The Complete Android O App Development

English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 22 Hours | 3.19 GB
eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Learn how to make online games, and apps like Twitter, Pokémon ,Tic Tac Toy, and Find my phone using Android O

This source will help the beginners to start build their own Android apps from scratch. By the end of this course you will be able to build real world android apps. In this course you will learn how to build and design secure android apps avoiding Android Vulnerabilities, and how to work with android layout tools to design very attractive and responsive layout that work with different device size, then you will learn how to use Sqlite as local database storage and Mysql as remote database storage, Also you will learn about web services and map. And you will learn how to work with android device persimmons and access to device information and device services. Then you will learn how use Firebase to build apps with Real-time database, monetize your app, and other services that offered by firebase. In this tutorial you will learn how to build real world apps and online games like Twitter, Tic Tac Toy, and Find my phone

What Will I Learn?

  • Build Your First Mobile App
  • Build Real-world Android apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Find my phone
  • Build online games, like Pokémon, play tic tac toy online.
  • Work with In app purchases, and sell products in your app
  • Build secure app and avoid Android Vulnerability
  • Work with New Firebase from Google and Web services (RESTful API calls)
  • Work with local and remote Database
  • Work with user location and map
  • Design amazing layout using Style, Color,Shape, Menu and ConstraintLayout
  • Design responsive layout that works on different device size with different language
  • Learn how to use Android Tools like ListView, AlertDialog, and GridView
  • Work with camera and other hardwares
  • Use system service like BroadcastReceive, Services, and Alarm
  • How to avoid reverse engineering (Reskin) for your app
+ Table of Contents

Introduction and Settings
1 Introduction
2 Install Android Studio on Mac
3 Install Android Studio on Windows
4 Setting the environment
5 Exercise files

Java Essential Training- Java For Android Free
6 Complete Free Java course

start up
7 Why Android
8 Android Studio updates
9 Run First App
10 XML
11 Properties and methods
12 Find Error
13 App Get my age
14 Passing data between activities
15 Activity Lifecycle
16 Vulnerability in Start activity

Build Complete Tic Tac Toy Game
17 Game Plan
18 Layout Design
19 Define players
20 Find Winner
21 Play game against the device

Layouts and Menu implementaion
22 ConstraintLayout
23 legacy layouts
24 Padding margin width and height
25 Linear layout
26 Layout Desgin Weight
27 TableLayout and GridLayout
28 Menu
29 Menu SearchView

Layout desgin
30 Shape and selector
31 Colors
32 Style
33 Localization and String.xml
34 Supporting Multiple Screens sizes
35 Generate different image size

Practice with Layout
36 ImageView
37 App Simple calculator
38 RadioButton CheckBox and Switch

Views and UI tools
39 LayoutInflater and View
40 ListView
41 ListView more
42 GridView
43 Spinner

44 DialogFragment and TimePicker
45 DialogFragment and DatePicker
46 AlertDialog

Storage and Database
47 SharedPreferences
48 SQLite Review
49 SQLite Create Database and table
50 SQLite insert data
51 SQLite Query
52 SQLite to ListView and Search
53 SQLite Delete
54 SQLite Update

Permissionsbackground Task and Media
55 Requesting Permissions at Run Time
56 Normal Permissions and WebView
57 SeekBar and Thread
58 Handler
59 Content provider and Read contact
60 Appbuild complete MediaPlayer

System services
61 Notifications
62 Notification Channel Android O
63 Broadcast receiver And Services changes in Android O
64 BroadcastReceiver and Read incoming SMS
65 IntentService
66 Service and BindService
67 Vulnerability in BroadcastReceiver
68 App Part1 Build simple Alarm
69 App Part2 Build simple Alarm- Run Alarm With OS
70 Deprecated in Android
71 Job Service
72 AutoFill Framework in Android O

API Calls and Web services
73 Learn JSON and XML
74 Read Json
75 HTTP connection
76 AppGet JSON from HTTP Web service sunset app
77 PHP Web service and MySql
78 Save to MySql use PHP Webservice
79 Read from MySql use PHP Webservice
80 List users from MySql use PHP Webservice
81 Node.js Web service and MySql
82 C Web service and Sql Server

GPS and Map
83 get Last Known Location.
84 Location Listener
85 AppReal-Time tracking
86 Map and marker
87 add Circle Polyline and Polygon in Map
88 Map event
89 Street view
90 AppDisplay my current location in the map
91 Vulnerability DoS and Data over HTTP

Pokémon Game
92 Catch Pokémon game
93 Import project and assets
94 Show Pokémons on the map
95 Catch Pokémons

96 Firebase Analytics
97 App monetization with Admob
98 Realtime Database
99 Realtime Database Node
100 Server Notifications
101 Remote Config
102 Report Crash
103 Hosting
104 StorageUpload images
105 Authentication with Anonymous
106 Authentication with EmailPassword

Online game Complete Tic Tac toy online playing
107 Online Game Tic Tac toy
108 Game Layout
109 Player login Firebase login with email and password
110 Sends send and accept game invitation
111 Play game Game backend
112 Play game game layout and roles

Family locator App
113 Family locator App
114 connect App to Firebase
115 Add assets
116 Register new user
117 Prepare my tracker
118 Add and Remove trackers
119 Save App data
120 Update location
121 Create System service
122 List my tracking phones
123 View my phone on the Map
124 finally Update user location
125 Start service and Location Listener with phone boot

Build a complete Twitter and Facebook Apps
126 complete Twitter and Facebook App
127 Build MYSQL Database schema
128 Build MYSQL database
129 PHP Web service and MYSQL Register
130 PHP Web service and MYSQL Login
131 Project Structure and Firebase connection
132 Select picture from gallery
133 Authentication and Load user image
134 User Login and Register
135 PHP Web service and MYSQL Add Post
136 Load Different items in ListView
137 Add tweets
138 PHP Web service and MYSQL List Post
139 Load tweets
140 PHP Web service and MYSQL follow- un follow
141 PHP Web service and MYSQL Is following
142 Follow and un-Follow like Twitter
143 Different device size support

Camera and Sensor
144 Take picture
145 Light Sensor Play music when there is light in the room
146 Accelerometer Sensor How Nimbuzz accelerometer work

In app purchases and Publishing
147 Publish app to Play store
148 In app purchases Setup need files.
149 In app purchases purchase Product
150 Convert .APK to Source Code
151 How to avoid reverse engineering Reskin of an APK file
152 conclusion

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