Code Clinic: Python

Code Clinic: Python
Code Clinic: Python

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Successful programmers know more than just how to code. They also know how to think about solving problems. Code Clinic is a series of courses where our instructors solve the same problems using different programming languages. Here, Barron Stone works with Python. Barron introduces challenges and provides an overview of his solutions in Python. Challenges include topics such as statistical analysis and accessing peripheral devices.

+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 Getting the most from Code Clinic

Problem 1 – Weather Statistics
3 Intro – The weather at Pond Oreille
4 Solution overview – Weather statistics
5 Importing data with the CSV module
6 Loading data into NumPy arrays
7 Embedding matplotlib into Tkinter
8 Plotting results with matplotlib

Problem 2 – Where Am I
9 Intro – Where am I
10 Geolocation using simple IP lookup
11 Geolocation using Google Maps API
12 Getting a Google Maps API key
13 Determining nearby Wi-Fi access points
14 Making a POST with requests

Problem 3 – Eight Queens
15 Intro – Eight queens
16 Solution overview – Eight queens
17 Understanding permutations
18 Finding solutions using permutations
19 Drawing the board with Tkinter

Problem 4 – Musical Instrument
20 Intro – Accessing peripherals
21 Solution overview – Musical instrument
22 Capturing mouse inputs with Tkinter
23 Drawing on the Tkinter canvas
24 Generating sounds with simpleaudio

Problem 5 – Facial Recognition
25 Intro – Facial recognition
26 Solution overview – Facial recognition
27 Loading images with OpenCV and imageio
28 Detecting faces using Haar cascades
29 Scaling images
30 Saving results as JSON

Problem 6 – Real-Time Information Dashboard
31 Intro – Real-time information dashboard
32 Solution overview – Information dashboard
33 Understanding Django
34 Routing URLs with Django
35 Manipulating data with the Django ORM
36 Populating HTML templates with Django

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