Code Clinic: C++

Code Clinic: C++
Code Clinic: C++

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Successful programmers know more than just how to code. They also know how to think about solving problems. Code Clinic is a series of courses in which our instructors solve the same problems using different programming languages. In each course, instructors provide tips and tricks for working in a particular language and help you grasp why you might want to learn one language over another. Here, Olivia Stone works with C++. Throughout the course, Olivia provides an overview of her solutions to different challenges in C++. Challenges include topics such as geolocation, face recognition, and accessing peripherals. Visit other courses in the series to see how to solve the same challenges in languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, and Swift.

+ Table of Contents

1 Tackling problems with C++
2 Getting the most from Code Clinic
3 Intro Weather statistics
4 Solution overview Weather statistics
5 Import data
6 Convert time formats
7 Compute the coefficient
8 Intro Where am I
9 Solution overview Where am I
10 The Google Geolocation API
11 Find nearby Wi-Fi access points
12 Format JSON request
13 HTTP request using libcurl
14 Intro Eight queens
15 Solution overview Eight queens
16 Find all solutions
17 Draw the board
18 Intro Musical instrument
19 Solution overview Musical instrument
20 Capture mouse inputs with Windows API
21 Generate sounds with libao
22 Intro Facial recognition
23 Solution overview Facial recognition
24 Load images with OpenCV
25 Detect faces using Haar Cascades
26 Generate JSON output file
27 Intro Information dashboard
28 Solution overview Information dashboard
29 Web development with C++
30 Import CSV data
31 Build a webpage