Closures in JavaScript

Closures in JavaScript
Closures in JavaScript

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All JavaScript developers have used closures, but few know how they really work. Learn all about closures, when and why you should use them, and why a thorough understanding of closures is essential to expert JavaScript developers.

+ Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:09 Closures
00:08:22 Lexical Scope
00:10:30 Exploring Lexical Scope (Demo)
00:15:38 Creating a Closure
00:19:05 Creating a Closure (Demo)
00:24:31 Global or Closure?
00:25:33 Comparing Globals and Closures (Demo)
00:28:13 Closures and Memory
00:30:02 Closures are NOT a Copy (Demo)
00:33:58 Purpose of Closures
00:35:44 Sharing Data Between Tasks (Demo)
00:38:51 Other Uses for Closures
00:45:35 Binding Functions and Data Hiding (Demo)
00:55:15 Closures and Prototype Inheritance
01:01:12 Proper Use of Closures and Prototype Inheritance (Demo)
01:10:30 Conclusion

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