CISSP Complete Video Course and Practice Test, 3rd Edition

CISSP Complete Video Course and Practice Test, 3rd Edition

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CISSP Complete Video Course is an engaging self-paced video training solution that provides learners of personal training from 2017 Cybersecurity Educator of the Year, Sari Greene. With each lesson, Sari fully explains the topics associated with each CISSP exam objective. To reinforce what you’ve learned, each lesson concludes with a 3Sec Challenge to test your knowledge and a Security-in-Action case study to demonstrate how the lesson concepts apply to real-life scenarios. This combination of teaching, testing, and application will ensure that you are prepared to take the CISSP exam.

The video lessons in this course review each exam objective, so you can use it as a complete study tool for taking the CISSP exam.

Table of Contents

1 Organizational and Professional Ethics
2 Information Security Fundamentals
3 Strategic Alignment
4 Organizational Roles and Responsibilties
5 Security Control Frameworks
6 Regulatory and Contractual Obligations
7 Privacy and Data Protection
8 Cybercrime and Data Breaches
9 Data Flow
10 Investigation Obectives and Requirements
11 Governance Documents
12 Business Continuity Planning
13 Business Impact Analysis
14 Personnel Policies and Agreements
15 Personnel Security Practices
16 Risk Management Concepts
17 Risk Management Frameworks
18 Risk Assessment
19 Controls and Countermeasures
20 Threat Actors and Attributes
21 Threat Modeling
22 Attack Vectors
23 Threat Intelligence
24 Supply Chain Risk Management
25 SETA Principles and Practices
26 Social Enginnering
27 Asset Classification
28 Data and Asset Handling
29 Asset Management
30 Data Collection and Retention
31 Deletion and Destruction
32 Asset Lifecycle – EOL
33 Control Baselines, Tailoring, and Scoping
34 Data Protection Methods
35 Secure Design Principles
36 Information Security Models
37 Security Evaluation Criteria
38 Information Systems Security Capabilities
39 Traditional Systems Architectures
40 Database Systems
41 Cloud-based Systems
42 Embedded Systems
43 IoT and IIoT
44 Virtualized Systems
45 Automation and Solution Elements
46 Ciphers and Keys
47 Symmetric Encryption
48 Asymmetric Encryption
49 Hashing and Digital Signatures
50 PKI and Digital Certificates
51 Emerging Cryptography
52 Cryptographic Attacks
53 Hash and Kerberos Post-Exploitation Attacks
54 Ransomware
55 Physical Security Principles
56 Site and Building Security
57 Environmental Impact