Cisco ASA Firewall Fundamentals: Basics of Network Security

Cisco ASA Firewall Fundamentals: Basics of Network Security
Cisco ASA Firewall Fundamentals: Basics of Network Security

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A Complete Beginner Guide to Cisco ASA Firewall | Learn How to Install and Configure Cisco ASA Firewall Practically

Network security is designed to ensure protection and integrity on networking services, Network security plays a vital role in protecting various network assets from the tons of threats invented every day to break through critical parts of organization’s network which leads to Billions of $ in losses and business interruption .

The network security market has been growing dramatically for the past 7 years as the drivers of this market continue to increase by the increase in the number of modern security threats as well as the complicated networking assets privacy requirements.

Cisco has won tough battles against the largest network security vendors to be the largest network security vendor all over the globe.

Cisco security solutions and products achieve increase in Global market share a year over year.

Cisco ASA is an all in one security device that combines firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities and provides proactive threat defense against various attacks even before they.

Cisco ASA can be used as a security solution for any business-sized networks, which makes it an ideal solution no matter what is the business type or industry.

For those who want to follow the rising technologies of networking security from Cisco and discover the innovations in network security market developed by Cisco as well as starting a career in this booming industry, this course is the right place to start with.

What you’ll learn

  • Firewalls introduction & Technologies
  • Firewall Features on the ASA
  • Configure Your Cisco ASA
  • Access control with Cisco ASA
  • ACL and NAT
+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Firewalls introduction & Technologies
2 Basic Concepts of Firewall
3 Firewall characteristics and requirements
4 Types of firewalls
5 Stateful vs. stateless firewalls
6 Next Generation firewalls

Firewall Features on the ASA
7 Introduction to Cisco Firewalls
8 How to access the ASA Configurations ASDM Overview
9 Cisco ASA Default Configuration
10 Lab – Initial configurationof Cisco ASA
11 Interface Security Levels
12 NAT Overview and Deployment Modes
13 NAT configuration on Cisco ASA
14 Lab –Configuring NAT on Cisco ASA using for internet access
15 Cisco ASA 5500 platforms and Models
16 Cisco ASAv (virtual ASA)
17 Cisco ASA Firewall features and services
18 Cisco ASA Stateful Packet Inspection Overview
19 Cisco Packet Tracer Advanced features
20 Cisco ASA Deployment Modes
21 Cisco ASA Security Context
22 Cisco ASA High Availability (Cisco ASA Active Standby failover)

Access control with Cisco ASA
23 Access Control Lists (ACL) Overview
24 Cisco ASA ACLs (Lab)
25 Allowing Access from Outside to Inside(Lab)