C++17 By Example: Practical projects to get you up and running with C++17

C++17 By Example: Practical projects to get you up and running with C++17Reviews
Author: Stefan Björnander
Pub Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1788391818
Pages: 442
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB
Size: 10 Mb


C++17 By Example: Practical projects to get you up and running with C++17
Discover the impressive capabilities of C++ and learn the skills you need to implement it in real life
C++ is a general-purpose programming language built with a bias towards embedded programming and systems programming. Over the years, C++ has evolved and is used to develop software for many different sectors. Given its versatility and robustness, C++is a wonderful language to start your coding journey with. This book covers exciting projects built in C++ that show how to implement the language in different scenarios. While developing these projects, you will not only learn the language constructs but also how you can use C++ to meet your software requirements.
The book starts with a brief introduction to C++ language constructs where you will learn essential concepts that are required to understand the projects covered in the book. The first module will build a library management system that will teach you how to perform efficient file handling and use pointers in your software. To give you a taste of GUI programming, the next module will build graphical applications using Qt 5. You will then be introduced to game design in C++ and build two interesting games. The final module will teach you how C++ can be used to create a Domain Specific Language.
After reading this book, you will have mastered core programming concepts in C++, and how to implement them effectively.
What You Will Learn

  • Create object-oriented hierarchies and how to compile, link, and execute a simple program
  • Implement classes with linked lists, templates, inheritance, operator overloading, and exception handling
  • Efficient file handling and pointer structures
  • Dynamic allocation and deallocation along with marshmallowing
  • Qt features, including menus, toolbars, caret handling, and more
  • Implement a Domain Specific Language in C++