C# Microservices Development on Azure

C# Microservices Development on Azure
C# Microservices Development on Azure

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Escape the monolithic application design and efficiently deploy scalable microservices on Microsoft Azure

Microservices bring new challenges that weren’t present in simpler architectures. This course will teach you how to handle all those challenges and overcome various obstacles including services communication and state management.

Scaling monolithic applications can be expensive or even impossible. In this course, you’ll learn to break down monoliths into smaller microservices written in C# and .NET Core. You’ll easily develop, deploy, maintain, and scale them into clusters without worrying about low-level configuration with the help of Visual Studio and Azure Service Fabric.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to develop web applications with C# and .NET Core, easily maintain them at a lower cost, and deploy them as highly-scalable microservices using Azure Service Fabric.

This course will guide you through the process of breaking a monolithic application down into Microservices and using the Reliable Services programming model to deploy, monitor and scale those microservices to an Azure Service Fabric Cluster.

What You Will Learn

  • Transform monolithic web applications into fast and scalable microservices
  • Take advantage of the Service Fabric SDK and Visual Studio to quickly get started with microservices
  • Handle increasing traffic at a lower cost by scaling microservices independently
  • Explore programming models and dive into the Reliable Service programming model
  • Establish communication between microservices and effectively manage state
  • Improve performance by understanding the Service Lifecycle
  • Deploy APIs as microservices with Azure Service Fabric using Service Fabric Web API
  • Prevent downtime and quickly recover from errors by monitoring your services’ health
+ Table of Contents

Getting Started with Microservices
1 The Course Overview
2 Monoliths versus Microservices
3 Microservices Architecture
4 Separating Your Monolithic App into Independent Services
5 Stateful versus Stateless Microservices
6 Demo Application

Moving to Azure
7 Creating an Account
8 Azure Dashboard
9 Resource Group
10 Creating Databases
11 Securing Databases
12 Connecting to the Databases

Azure Service Fabric
13 Introduction to Azure Service Fabric
14 Installing the SDK
15 Creating a New Project
16 Programming Models
17 Getting Started with Reliable Services
18 Developing APIs with Service Fabric

Managing State and Communication
19 State in SQL Databases
20 Local DB in Service Fabric
21 Creating a New Azure Service Fabric Resource
22 Configuring Manifests
23 The Mail Service and Communication

Deployment and Monitoring
24 Preparing for Deployment
25 Deploying to Azure
26 API Gateways
27 Wrapping Up