C# 7.x Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

C# 7.x Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
C# 7.x Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

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No fluff and no time wasting. Get up to speed with C# 7.0 quickly and easily with this course

C# is a complex language, and it can be difficult to use it when you first start out. There are so many rules and standards that you’re bound to make mistakes, but avoiding these common mistakes will make your programs much more efficient.

With this course, you’ll learn to implement practical and proven techniques to improve particular aspects of C# 7.x development. Each section covers tips and techniques with explicit instructions to carry out different C# 7.x tasks in a practical manner. The techniques are demonstrated using small practical examples. You will boost your skills with information on enhancing your coding style and performance, and learn about C# 7.x processes and code quality. This course focuses on discovering new possibilities with C# 7.x, that can enhance your current skill set.

By the end of this course, you will have learned some exciting tips, best practices, and techniques for your C# 7.x coding. You will be able to build your own desktop applications in C# 7.x much faster and with ease.

This course will provide you with tips and tricks by handing you simple and easy-to-follow examples that will improve your day-to-day life as a C# developer. This course shares useful tips and advice to help you succeed in making full use of the new language features.

What You Will Learn

  • Implement practical and proven techniques to improve particular aspects of C# 7.x development
  • Take advantage of the new tuples in C# 7.x and see what they can now do
  • Discover the new pattern matching features and what you can do with switch case statements
  • Build local functions inside functions. Yes, those local functions can be recursive too
  • Explore what variables can do for you and how they clean up your code
  • C++ has had reference variables for decades, and now C# finally has them thanks to C# 7.x
  • Discover how you can now use expression body syntax for constructors, finalizers, and indexers
+ Table of Contents

New C# 7.0 Tools to Boost Your Productivity
1 The Course Overview
2 Static Using
3 Practicing Out Variables
4 Practicing Local Functions
5 Using Literals
6 Return by Reference
7 Exceptions as Expressions
8 Expression-Bodied Syntax

Pattern Matching for a Concise Syntax
9 Techniques for Practicing Patterns
10 Practicing Switch Statements

Leverage the Tuple Class in C# 7.x
11 The Old Way of Using Tuples Prior to C# 7
12 The C# 7 Tuple Class

Using Deconstructing for Tuple Types in C# 7.x
13 Using Deconstruction for Tuples Types in C# 7
14 Deconstructing Tuple Elements with Discards
15 Deconstructing a User-Defined Type with Discards