Business Intelligence Development Using Python

Business Intelligence Development Using Python
Business Intelligence Development Using Python

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Use of Python within the different layers of Business Intelligence.

Python For Business Intelligence is a course aiming to qualify its participants to play considerable role within business intelligence projects. using only Python without the need to other BI tools.

Course topics selected from Python carefully based on BI tasks required to be done within all stages ranging from data collection to visualization.

By the end of this course, students skills should replace BI ready made packages and provide more flexible BI system for the business they are working for. Furthermore they should help companies to avoid Troubles and Costs related to implementation, support and license of ready made BI tools.

What you’ll learn

  • Business Intelligence Architecture
  • Fetching data from different data sources including files, web and Database servers
  • Data Preparation.
  • Data Visualization.
  • Extract , Transform and Load Data frames.
  • Perform remote data transformation.
  • Develop interactive charts.
  • Apply mathematical sets theory and Predictive analysis.
+ Table of Contents

Data Sources Layer
1 Course Objectives and Data Analysis Cycle
2 File CSV, Spreadsheet, Text
3 Files HTML, PDF
4 Connect to Database Servers
5 Database Servers Q and A
6 Remote Data Access
7 Remote Data Access Q and A

Data Preparation – ETL Layer
8 Data Frames Operations
9 String, Date and Time
10 Transform Data Remotely
11 Transform Data Remotely Q&A

Data Visualization Layer
12 Creating standard charts
13 Interactive Charts.
14 Sets Visualization
15 Online meetings Python fundamentals for BI – Matplotlib
16 Online meetings Python fundamentals for BI – Plotly Charts

Data Mining Layer
17 Data Analysis Cycle
18 Basics of statistics
19 Statistics. Review and Discussion
20 Linear Regression
21 Linear Regression. Review and Discussion
22 Linear Regression. Discussion Part (2)
23 Linear Programming.
24 Complete data analysis case.
25 Data Analysis Case. Review and Discussion

Data Sharing Layer
26 Starting Server from command line
27 Configure jupyter notebook server in LAN
28 Accessing server from another computers within company’ s network.
29 Securing notebook server

Business Intelligence Context
30 Business Intelligence Context
31 Python Topics For BI
32 Types of Data
33 Extend Python script in Power BI
34 Power BI get data from Excel
35 Power BI connect to SQL Server
36 Power BI get data from web sources
37 Python Review For Beginners