Building a Single Page Application with JavaScript

Building a Single Page Application with JavaScript
Building a Single Page Application with JavaScript

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Understanding SPAs with an example

In this video course you will be learning JavaScript by building complex applications. You will learn to build an application using pure JavaScript, simultaneously learning the language. We start by introducing terms such as local store, Gridsystem, promises, SPA, URL routing and much more. We cover core concepts essential for learning JavaScript. Towards the end of the video course you will learn to add JavaScript elements to make your website interactive and dynamic. We cover various fundamentals you eed to know to explore the power of this language such as objects, events, validation techniques, working with AJAX calls, and more.

In this video course you will learn advanced concepts such as spas, routing, and caching. By the end of the course you will be able to move Reddit Clone examples into an SPA.

What You Will Learn

  • Install Node.js
  • Generate elements on AJAX calls
  • Look into setting up a live-server module
  • Discover how to make changes to HTML files
  • Essentials of handling error states
  • Create models
+ Table of Contents

The Course Overview
Installing NodeJs
Understanding Node
Serving Reddit Home Page from Server
Chrome Tools to Understand the Request/Response Pattern
What Is SPA?
Making Changes to Our HTML File
Learn How to Handle Page Reloads
Dynamically Generate the Elements on AJAX Calls
Sharing the URL
Introduction to History Object
Playing with Forward and Backward Button
Handling Error State
Introduction to localstorage
Use Cases of localstorage
Storing History in localstorage
When to Invalidate localstorage?
Where to Go from Here?
A Word about Angular
A Word about React