Building an Android App with Architecture Components

Building an Android App with Architecture Components
Building an Android App with Architecture Components

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Google now offers a set of recommended components for architecting Android apps. Android developers can learn how to follow these recommendations to improve their initial development process and simplify long-term maintenance. In this course, learn best practices for building high-quality Android apps using the Android Architecture Components for data persistence and display. Instructor David Gassner teaches these concepts in a real-world context by using the Architecture Components to build a simple note-taking app from start to finish. He shows how to define an SQLite database with the Room library, display a list of data with the efficient RecyclerView component, and update the user interface with observable LiveData objects.

Topics include:

  • Exploring the Architecture Components
  • Creating the user interface
  • Managing data persistence with Room
  • Updating the UI with observable LiveData objects
  • Creating, editing, and deleting notes
  • Handling device orientation changes
+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know

Get Started
3 The history and evolution of this app
4 Explore the Architecture Components
5 Create the starting project
6 Import the project from GitHub
7 Create a launcher icon
8 Create other required graphics
9 Add architecture component dependencies

Create the User Interface
10 Add a RecyclerView to the main activity
11 Create a custom layout for list rows
12 Create a data entity class
13 Create sample data for testing
14 Display data with a RecyclerView adapter
15 Create the note editor activity

Manage Data Persistence with Room
16 Define a Room entity class
17 Implement database operations in a DAO
18 Define an SQLite database with Room
19 Create a custom type converter
20 Create a unit test for database logic

Manage Data and Business Logic
21 Create a ViewModel for the list activity
22 Create a repository class
23 Add a feature to insert sample notes
24 Subscribe to LiveData updates
25 Add a feature to delete all notes

Edit and Delete Notes
26 Add a ViewModel for the editor activity
27 View an existing note in the editor
28 Edit an existing note
29 Create a new note
30 Delete a note

Final Touches
31 Handle device orientation changes
32 Add divider lines to the RecyclerView

33 Next steps

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