Build a Google Analytics in Go

Build a Google Analytics in Go

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Build a basic Google Analytics-like application using Go, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Docker, and ClickHouse.

This course assumes you’ve taken my Build SaaS apps in Go course or are familiar with Go’s standard library for building web applications.

We cover the following aspects:

  • The client-side tracker.
  • The Go backend API.
  • Geo-localization from an IP address.
  • Storing the data into PostgreSQL.
  • Using Docker to improve your developer’s life.
  • Generating traffic and testing the performance of our system.
  • Optimizing the DB, table, and queries.
  • Using ClickHouse to handle 100x the volume of our database.
  • Building a CLI dashboard.
  • Deploying our approach to a VM.
Table of Contents

1 Course intro
2 What we need
3 Setup project
4 Tracker class
5 Track page views
6 Handle missing data
7 API design
8 Track handler
9 Decode data
10 Data structure
11 Use Docker to test
12 Architecture design
13 Run the project
14 Call from API
15 Fill database
16 Generate 15M rows
17 Import the data
18 The problem
19 Let’s normalize
20 This sucks!
21 ClickHouse
22 Is it faster than PG
23 Swap PG for ClickHouse
24 Queue and batch inserts
25 Adding referrer domain
26 Proof of concept
27 Refactor and display metrics
28 Dashboard v1
29 Add configuration
30 API authentication
31 Servers config setup
32 Dashboard config