Build Your First Chatbot with SAP Conversational AI

Build Your First Chatbot with SAP Conversational AI
Build Your First Chatbot with SAP Conversational AI

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

With the rise of digital assistants like Alexa and Siri, voice-based interactions are becoming commonplace. SAP provides its own bot-building framework for creating chatbots that can access and work with SAP systems and data. This course provides a general overview of chatbots, including common use cases and terms, and explains the various stages of bot development using SAP Conversation AI. Learn how to use bot elements such as intents and skills to add logic and functionality to your bot, and test and monitor the bot’s interactions. Plus, discover how to integrate external AIs and embed your bot in different channels, such as webpages, Alexa, and the SAP assistant, CoPilot, using the Bot Connector API.

Topics include:

  • Use cases for chatbots
  • Creating a new bot
  • Training your bot with intents and expressions
  • Creating skills
  • Testing your bot
  • Monitoring your bot
  • Integrating external APIs
+ Table of Contents

1 Create voice-controlled interactions with SAP

Conversational AI Overview
2 The rise of chatbots
3 Common use cases
4 The stages of bot building

Register and Create a New Bot
5 Register with SAP AI and log in
6 Create a new bot

Train Your Bot
7 Intents, expressions, and entities
8 Creating intents and expressions
9 Creating entities

Build Your Bot Skills
10 What are skills
11 Creating skills
12 Adding triggers, requirements, and actions, part 1
13 Adding triggers, requirements, and actions, part 2

Test and Monitor Your Bot
14 The Test and Chat windows
15 Monitoring and analytics

Code and Connect Your Bot
16 Integrating with external APIs
17 Accessing your bot from different channels

18 Course summary