Bootstrap 4 Projects

Bootstrap 4 Projects

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Learn how to build responsive web and mobile web applications utilizing the core features of Bootstrap 4

Quite often when building various web applications, you will face the need to build out beautiful and mobile responsive websites in a small time frame. Bootstrap 4 helps alleviate the pain by defining sophisticated and refined user inputs and web components ready for your use. Learn how to quickly get your projects up to speed with the world’s most popular front-end framework.

Through this course, we will take you through not only Bootstrap 4’s new features and changes, but create larger projects with these components and frameworks. These projects include building out the structure and design of a social media platform, comprehensive login and registration forms, and finally a music library application. Each project will provide you with a chance to use some of the new Bootstrap 4 components in the greater context of the Bootstrap framework.

Having completed this course, you will have sufficient knowledge on how to build out application user interfaces that are mobile-responsive, accessible, and importantly look good, all with the help of Bootstrap 4.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore and understand the newly introduced components and principles within Bootstrap 4
  • Understand how to configure and get started with your own customized version of Bootstrap
  • Build mobile responsive web applications using Bootstraps flexible grid system
  • Work with modular and customized blocks of content called “cards” to display various text and images
  • Create true and dependable web forms that are accessible and importantly look good
  • Design responsive and accessible tables, and create a refined and accessible user experience
  • Explore third-party integration to extend Bootstrap’s component and visual structure through icons to complex form validation
Table of Contents

Bootstrap 4 Projects
The Course Overview
What Is Bootstrap?
Broad Overview of New Features of Bootstrap 4
Installing Bootstrap 4

Creating a Social Media Platform
Building Our Header and Navigation
Utilizing the Bootstrap Grid System
Building the Foundation Blocks of Our Content
Social Feed Content

Extending Our Social Platform
Message View
Building the Profile Page
Completing the Profile Page

Completing the Profile Page
Creating Tabbed Content
Login Screen
Registration Screen
Alerts, Tooltips, and Popovers

Alerts, Tooltips, and Popovers
Best Practices

Music Library
Building the Layout
Table List View
Progress Bars and Song Navigation
Adding Icons

Customizing Bootstrap
Variable File
Third-Party Integrations