SQL Bootcamp: SQL and PostgreSQL Database for Beginners

SQL Bootcamp: SQL and PostgreSQL Database for Beginners
SQL Bootcamp: SQL and PostgreSQL Database for Beginners

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Become a Database Guru from Basic to Advance SQL PostgreSQL queries. Use SQL queries for Data analysis and Visualization

This course is designed for the beginners and freshers to gain knowledge on PostgreSQL and to use them in their projects/assignments. You will find different techniques to construct the SQL queries. The professionals who have zero knowledge or very less knowledge on SQL queries, will find this course extremely useful.

Learning SQL and PostgreSQL also helps you to become better data analyst and eventually would help you to get into the field of Data Science/ Data Analysis/ Data Visualization.

I will Guide you through a STEP by STEP approach on how to write SQL Queries. I will also explain about different ways to write very efficient SQL queries. I will first start with the installation of PostgreSQL database and PgAdmin 4 and then will install the North wind database model. I will then start writing some of the Simple SQL Queries and then slowly move towards filtering, grouping and slicing the data. Then, I will be working on more complicated topics like Joins, Operators, Inbuilt Functions and eventually by the end of the course you would be able to write complicated SQL queries.

You should be able to complete this course in a week time, if you dedicate 2 hours of your time daily and this journey will take you from zero to Hero.

Important Topics covered:

  • Installation of PostgreSQL and Pgadmin 4
  • What is a SQL and Database and its Background
  • Understanding the Northwind Data Model
  • Selecting the data from Tables
  • Filtering the data from Tables
  • Usage of Arithmetic and Logical Operators
  • Understand the GROUP BY , HAVING
  • Understand Various SET Operators
  • Learn Various Joins in PostgreSQL
  • Step by Step approach in creation of Complex SQL Queries
  • Sorting of Data
  • String, Number In Built Functions
  • Data Conversion Functions
  • DML and DDL Statements

Briefly, The knowledge of SQL and PostgreSQL is a must for IT professionals and this course is one stop shop for gaining this necessary and in-demand skill.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Install PostgreSQL and PgAdmin 4
  • Retrieve the data using SQL queries.
  • Insert, update and delete data from tables in PostgreSQL.
  • Filtering, Grouping and slicing the data from the tables in PostgreSQL.
  • Various Built In functions in PostgreSQL.
  • Learn Data conversion functions in PostgreSQL.
  • Step by STEP approach in constructing a complex SQL queries.
  • Learn how to Join the data between various data sets.
  • Learn all the SET Operators in PostgreSQL.
  • Use the real Time NORTHWIND data set in the queries.
+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction to PostgreSQL
2 Understand the NorthWind Data Model
3 Install PostgreSQL
4 pgAdmin and psql
5 Setting Up NorthWind Database

Retrieve data using SELECT statement
6 What is SELECT
7 Alias in SELECT
8 Literals in SELECT
9 Operations among Columns
10 Concatenation Operator

Data Filter in SELECT
11 Usage of Where Clause
12 Logical Operator (AND, OR, NOT)
13 LIKE Operator
14 BETWEEN Operator
15 IN , NOT IN Operators
16 Comparison Operators
17 LIMIT and FETCH Operators

Data Exploration using SELECT
19 Ordering the data
20 Handling NULL data

21 What is JOIN
22 INNER Join
26 SELF Join
27 CROSS Join

SET Operators
28 Basics of SET Operators
29 UNION Operator
30 INTERSECT Operator
31 EXCEPT Operator

Aggregate Function
32 What is Aggregate Function

Group Data
34 Basics of Grouping data
35 Group By and Having

Build Complex Queries
36 How to construct complex queries

String and Number Built in Functions
37 Length, Lower , Upper Functions
38 Numeric Functions
39 Ltrim, Rtrim, Btrim, Trim Functions
40 InitCap, Left , Right Functions
41 Ascii, Chr, Concat, Concat ws Functions
42 Strpos, Position Functions
43 Substring Function
44 Lpad, Rpad, Split Part Functions
45 Repeat, Reverse Functions
46 Translate, Replace Functions

Date Time Built In Functions
47 Current DateTime Functions
48 Age, Timeofday Functions
49 Date part, Extract, Date Trunc Functions

Data Type Conversion Built In Functions
50 Cast Function
51 To date Function
52 To Char Function
53 To Number Function
54 To Timestamp Function

Sub Query
55 Sub Query, Exists, In Operators
56 ANY, ALL Operators

DML Operations
57 Insert Statement
58 Update Statement
59 Delete Statement
60 Commit and Rollback Statements

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