Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting

Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting

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Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting: Zero to Mastery

Learn Bash Scripting from scratch, from an industry expert. You’ll learn Shell Scripting fundamentals, master the command line, and get the practice and experience you need to go from beginner to being able to get hired as a DevOps Engineer, SysAdmin, or Network Engineer!

We guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date online resource to learn Bash Scripting and get hired as a SysAdmin, DevOps Engineer, or Network Engineer.


  • Learn and understand the power of shell scripting
  • Write your own Bash scripts to automate admin tasks such as data backup and restoring, email alerts, user administration, and security auditing
  • Hands-on practice with coding challenges, demos, and quizzes with solutions
  • Master command line skills needed to efficiently work with multiple programming languages
  • Learn one of the most in-demand skills for DevOps Engineers, Network Engineers, and SysAdmins
  • Have the skills and understanding of Bash to confidently apply for jobs
Table of Contents

1 Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting
2 Course Goals
3 Bash Aliases
4 Shell and Scripts
5 Creating Your First Script and Changing the PATH
6 The Bash Shebang
7 Comments in Bash
8 Running Scripts
9 Variables in Bash
10 Variable Expansion and Quoting
11 Environment and Shell Local Variables
12 Getting User Input
13 Positional Parameters
14 Project: How to Protect Yourself from Hackers
15 Special Parameters
16 $@ vs. $*
17 Intro to Expansions
18 Brace Expansion: String Lists
19 Brace Expansions: Sequence Lists
20 Project: Brace Expansion
21 Exercise: Imposter Syndrome
22 Tilde, Parameter and Variable Expansions
23 Command Substitution
24 Arithmetic Expansion
25 Process Substitution
26 Word Splitting
27 Filename Expansion (Globbing)
28 Intro to Shell Operation
29 Tokenization
30 Command Identification
31 Shell Expansions
32 Quote Removal
33 Redirections: Stdin and Stdout Redirections
34 Stderr Redirection
35 Full Recap: Hands-on Example
36 If, Elif and Else Statements
37 Arithmetic Comparisons
38 Multiple Condition Tests and Nested if/then Statements
39 String Comparisons (Part 1)
40 String Comparisons (Part 2)
41 Project: Testing Network Connections
42 The Case Statement
43 Menus in Bash (The Select Statement)
44 Project: System Administration Script Using Menus
45 List of Commands
46 Running a DOS Attack Without root Access (ulimit)
47 For Loops (Part 1)
48 For Loops (Part 2)
49 Project: Dropping a List of IP Addresses Using a For Loop
50 While Loops (Part 1)
51 While Loops (Part 2)
52 Project: Dropping a List of IP Addresses Using While and Process Substitution
53 Loops with Break
54 Loops with Continue
55 Intro to Bash Arrays
56 Arrays in Depth
57 Using the Readarray Command
58 Iterating Over Arrays
59 Project: Account Creation
60 Intro to Bash Functions
61 Function’s Arguments
62 Variable Scopes in Functions
63 Installing Ubuntu in a VM
64 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu
65 Running a Linux Server in the Cloud
66 Securing SSH with Key Authentication
67 The Basics of VIM Text Editor
68 The VIM Editor In-Depth – Part 1
69 The VIM Editor In-Depth – Part 2
70 Task Automation and Scheduling Using Cron (crontab)
71 Scheduling Tasks Using Anacron (anacron)
72 Introduction to Netfilter and Iptables
73 Chain Traversal in a Nutshell
74 Iptables Basic Usage
75 Iptables Options (Flags) – Part 1
76 Iptables Options (Flags) – Part 2
77 Where Do We Write Iptables Rules
78 Setting the Default Policy
79 Deleting the Firewall
80 Filter by IP Address
81 Filter by Port
82 Intro to Stateful Firewalls (Connection Tracking)
83 Implementing Stateful Firewalls and Iptables
84 Filter by MAC Address
85 Match by Date and Time
86 The ACCEPT and DROP Targets
87 The LOG Target