Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners

Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners
Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners

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Learn Bash Shell Scripting to automate the frequently performed tasks

Linux has a variety of different shells Like Bourne shell (sh), C shell (csh), Korn shell (ksh), TC shell (tcsh), Bourne Again shell (bash). Certainly the most popular shell is “bash”. Bash is an sh-compatible shell that incorporates useful features from the Korn shell (ksh) and C shell (csh). bash is not only an excellent command line shell, but a scripting language in itself. Shell scripting allows us to use the shell’s abilities and to automate a lot of tasks that would otherwise require a lot of commands.

Bash scripting will help you automate routine tasks and save valuable time, whether you’re a sys admin, Linux user or software developer. Shell script is much quicker than programming in any other languages.

The goal of this course is to provide you with a working knowledge of Bash scripting. We’ll start with the basics, starting from creating our first Bash script and running it. Next you will learn about the bash environment, local variables, conditional statements, functions, loops, case statements, string operations, and coprocesses.

What You Will Learn

  • By the end of it you will be familiar with most of the common tasks we normally do on Bash scripting
  • You will be comfortable, efficient, and effective at the shell scripting
  • Automate the frequently performed tasks.
+ Table of Contents

Linux Command Line Tutorial
1 Introduction
2 ls command in Linux
3 cd command in Linux
4 cat command in Linux
5 IO Redirection
6 mkdir Command
7 rm and rmdir commands for linux
8 cp command
9 mv command
10 less command
11 touch command
12 nano command
13 sudo command
14 top command
15 kill command
16 echo command
17 file permissions symbolic permissions and chmod
18 directory permissions and chmod
19 Octal and Numerical permissions chmod
20 Introduction to Bash Scripting
21 which and whatis command
22 useradd command Creating Users
23 userdel command Removing Users
24 Basic Group Management groups groupadd groupdel
25 .bashrc File
26 Viewing Resources du df free command
27 watch command
28 Head and Tail Commands
29 find command
30 wc command
31 cal command
32 date command
33 How to Run multiple Terminal Commands
34 apt-get command to Install Software
35 ifconfig command
36 tar command to Compress and Extract Files
37 grep command
38 netstat command

Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial
39 Bash Introduction
40 using Variables and Comments
41 Read User Input
42 Pass Arguments to a Bash-Script
43 If Statement If then If then else If elif else
44 File test operators
45 How to append output to the end of text file
46 Logical AND Operator
47 Logical OR Operator
48 Perform arithmetic operations
49 Floating point math operations in bash bc Command
50 The case statement
51 The case statement Example
52 Array variables
53 WHILE Loops
54 using sleep and open terminal with WHILE Loops
55 Read a file content in Bash
56 UNTIL loop
57 FOR loop
58 use FOR loop to execute commands
59 Select loop
60 Break and continue
61 Functions
62 Local variables
63 Function Example
64 Readonly command
65 Signals and Traps
66 How to debug a bash script