Amazon Web Services (AWS) LiveLessons, 3rd Edition

Amazon Web Services (AWS) LiveLessons, 3rd Edition

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) LiveLessons, 3rd Edition is a unique video product designed to provide a solid foundational understanding of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products. The course covers concepts necessary to understand cloud computing platforms, distributed computing, multi-tier architectures, virtual machines, storage, databases, analytics, high availability, and much more. This course has been designed to show just how simple and cost-effective it is to achieve a superior level of high-availability, fault-tolerance, security, and reduced operational burden in your infrastructure and applications. Detailed throughout the course are a number of use cases designed to spark your imagination and exemplify well-architected solutions within the rich and varied ecosystem that is Amazon Web Services. You can also use this video as a secondary resource to help you study for the AWS Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Exams.

Table of Contents

1 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Introduction

Lesson 01 AWS Building Blocks
2 Learning objectives
3 What is AWS
4 The Shared Responsibility Model
5 The AWS Account
6 Demo Introduction to the AWS Console
7 AWS Service Categories
8 AWS Icons and Diagrams

Lesson 02 AWS Global Infrastructure
9 Learning objectives
10 Data Centers and Availability Zones
11 Demo Explore Availability Zone IDs (Console)
12 Regions and Local Zones
13 Demo Enable Local Zones (Console)
14 Edge Locations
15 Service and Resource Scope

Lesson 03 AWS Identities and Federation
16 Learning objectives
17 AWS Account and Root User
18 IAM Users
19 Demo Create an IAM User (Console)
20 IAM Groups
21 Demo Create an IAM Group (Console)
22 Federation Options

Lesson 04 AWS Policies and Permissions
23 Learning objectives
24 Permissions Evaluation
25 Policy Format
26 Identity-based Policies
27 Demo Create an IAM Policy (Console)
28 Resource-based Policies
29 Session-based Policies
30 Demo Generate Temporary Credentials (CLI)

Lesson 05 Accessing AWS Services
31 Learning objectives
32 AWS Service API Endpoints
33 AWS Console and Command Line Interface (CLI)
34 Demo Install and Configure the AWS CLI on Linux (CLI)
35 AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs)
36 Demo AWS Python SDK
37 Demo Create an IAM Role (Console)
38 Demo Assume an IAM Role via the CLI

Lesson 06 AWS VPC Networks
39 Learning objectives
40 What is a VPC
41 VPC Subnets
42 Demo Create VPC and Subnets
43 VPC Internet Access
44 Demo Enable Internet Access
45 Network Access Control Lists and Security Groups
46 Demo Creating NACLs and Security Groups
47 VPC Endpoints
48 Demo Configuring VPC Endpoints

Lesson 07 AWS Global and Hybrid Networks
49 Learning objectives
50 VPC Peering Connections
51 Demo Configure VPC Peering (Console)
52 Demo Configure VPC Peering (CLI)
53 AWS Transit Gateway
54 Demo Deploy a Transit Gateway
55 Site-to-Site VPN
56 AWS Direct Connect
57 AWS Client VPN

Lesson 08 AWS DNS Solutions
58 Learning objectives
59 AWS Route 53 Basics
60 AWS Route 53 Features
61 Demo Implementing Resilience with DNS (Console)
62 Demo Implementing Resilience with DNS (CLI)
63 Hybrid DNS Solutions

Lesson 09 AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
64 Learning objectives
65 Introduction to Computing in AWS
66 AWS EC2 Basics
67 Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
68 EC2 Key Pairs
69 Demo Creating Keypairs (Console)
70 Demo Creating Keypairs in All Regions (CLI)
71 EC2 Metadata and User Data
72 Demo Launching EC2 Instances (Console)
73 Demo Launching EC2 Instances (CLI)
74 EC2 Operations
75 Demo EC2 Operations (Console)
76 Demo EC2 Operations (CLI)

Lesson 10 AWS Container Services (ECS and EKS)
77 Learning objectives
78 AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
80 Demo Create an ECR Repo

Lesson 11 Other Compute Services
82 Learning objectives
83 AWS Lambda
84 Demo Deploy a Lambda Function (Console)
85 Demo Deploy a Lambda Function (CLI)
86 AWS Batch
87 AWS LightSail
88 Demo Deploy a LightSail Instance (Console)
89 AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Lesson 12 AWS EBS and EFS
90 Learning objectives
91 Introduction to Storage in AWS
92 AWS EBS Basics
93 Demo EBS Volume Operations (Console)
94 Demo EBS Volume Operations (CLI)
95 AWS EFS Basics
96 Demo Deploy EFS File System (Console)
97 Demo Mount EFS File System on EC2 (CLI)

Lesson 13 Amazon S3
98 Learning objectives
99 Amazon S3 Basics
100 Amazon S3 Features
101 Demo S3 Bucket Creation (Console)
102 Demo S3 Bucket Access from EC2 (CLI)
103 Demo S3 Permissions (Console)
104 Demo S3 Lifecycle Operations (Console)

Lesson 14 Amazon RDS and Aurora
105 Learning objectives
106 Introduction to Databases in AWS
107 Amazon RDS Basics
108 Amazon RDS Features
109 Demo Deploy RDS Database (Console)
110 Demo RDS Database Operations (CLI)
111 Amazon Aurora Features
112 Demo Deploy Aurora Serverless (Console)

Lesson 15 AWS NoSQL Database Services
113 Learning objectives
114 Amazon DynamoDB Basics
115 Amazon DynamoDB Features
116 Demo Deploy a DynamoDB Table (Console)
117 Demo DynamoDB Table Resilience (Console)
118 Amazon Redshift Features
119 AWS DocumentDB Features
120 AWS Neptune Features

Lesson 16 Elastic Load Balancing
121 Learning objectives
122 Elastic Load Balancer Basics
123 Application Load Balancer
124 Demo Deploy an ALB (Console)
125 Demo Configure Redirects on ALB (CLI)
126 Network Load Balancer
127 GateWay Load Balancer

Lesson 17 EC2 Auto Scaling
128 Learning objectives
129 Auto Scaling Basics
130 Auto Scaling Features
131 Demo Deploy an Auto Scaling Group (Console)
132 Demo Deploy an Auto Scaling Group (CloudFormation)

Lesson 18 Other High Availability Options
133 Learning objectives
134 API Gateway
135 CloudFront
136 Demo Deploy CloudFront Distribution (Console)
137 Highly Available Multi-Tier Applications
138 Highly Available Serverless Applications

Lesson 19 Amazon Kinesis
139 Learning objectives
140 Kinesis Data Streams
141 Kinesis Data Firehose
142 Demo Implementing Kinesis Data Firehose (Console)
143 Demo Implementing Kinesis Data Firehose (CLI)

Lesson 20 Amazon Athena
144 Learning objectives
145 Amazon Athena Basics
146 Amazon Athena Features
147 Demo Athena Log Analysis (Console)

Lesson 21 Other Analytics Services
148 Learning objectives
149 Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)
150 Data Pipeline
151 AWS Glue
152 Demo Implement Glue Data Crawler (Console)
153 Amazon OpenSearch
154 Demo Deploy OpenSearch (Console)

Lesson 22 AWS Organizations and Single Sign On (SSO)
155 Learning objectives
156 AWS Organizations Basics
157 AWS Organizations Features
158 Demo Organizations OU Management (Console)
159 Demo Provision AWS Account (CLI)
160 Demo Deploy Organizations SCP

Lesson 23 AWS Systems Manager
161 Learning objectives
162 Systems Manager Basics
163 Systems Manager Features
164 Demo Systems Manager Run Command (Console)
165 Demo Systems Manager Run Command (CLI)
166 Demo Systems Manager Fleet Manager (Console)
167 Demo Systems Manager Parameter Store (Console)

Lesson 24 AWS CloudWatch
168 Learning objectives
169 CloudWatch Basics
170 CloudWatch Features
171 Demo CloudWatch Metrics (Console)
172 Demo CloudWatch Agent (CLI)
173 Demo CloudWatch Logs Insights (Console)
174 Demo CloudWatch Logs Metric Filters (Console)

Lesson 25 AWS CloudFormation
175 Learning objectives
176 AWS CloudFormation Basics
177 AWS CloudFormation Features
178 Demo Deploy CloudFormation Stack (Console)
179 Demo Deploy EC2 Instance (Console)

Lesson 26 Other Automation Services
180 Learning objectives
181 AWS Config
182 Demo AWS Config Rules (Console)
183 AWS EventBridge
184 Demo AWS EventBridge Rules (Console)

Lesson 28 Secrets and Key Management
185 Learning objectives
186 AWS Secrets Manager
187 Demo Create Secret (CLI)
188 AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
189 Demo Create Customer Master Key (CMK) for S3 Encryption (Console)
190 AWS Certificate Manager
191 Demo Create TLS Certificate (Console)

Lesson 29 AWS WAF and Shield
192 Learning objectives
193 AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
194 Demo Create WAF Web ACL (Console)
195 AWS Shield

Lesson 30 CodeCommit and CodeBuild
196 Learning objectives
197 AWS CodeCommit
198 Demo Create CodeCommit Repository (Console)
199 AWS CodeBuild
200 AWS CodePipeline
201 AWS CodeDeploy

Lesson 31 SNS, SQS and SES
202 Learning objectives
203 Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
204 Demo Create and Subscribe to an SNS Topic (Console)
205 Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
206 Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
207 Demo Configure SES on Linux Postfix (CLI)

Lesson 32 Understanding Service Costs
208 Learning objectives
209 AWS Pricing Model
210 AWS EC2 Pricing
211 AWS Cost Explorer
212 Demo Use AWS Cost Explorer (Console)

Lesson 33 Cost Attribution and Reporting
213 Learning objectives
214 Cost Allocation Tags
215 Demo Enable Cost Allocation Tags (Console)
216 Billing Alarms
217 AWS Budgets
218 Demo Project Budget with Tags (Console)

Lesson 34 Well-Architected Framework
219 Learning objectives
220 The Six Pillars
221 Whitepapers
222 Well-Architected Tool

Lesson 35 Hands-on Resources
223 Learning objectives
224 AWS Free Tier Pricing
225 AWS Well-Architected Labs

Module 01 AWS Overview
226 Module Introduction

Module 02 AWS Identity and Access Management
227 Module Introduction

Module 03 AWS Network Services
228 Module Introduction

Module 04 AWS Compute Services
229 Module Introduction

Module 05 AWS Storage Services
230 Module Introduction

Module 06 AWS Database Services
231 Module Introduction

Module 07 AWS High Availability Services
232 Module Introduction

Module 08 AWS Analytics Services
233 Module Introduction

Module 09 AWS Management Tools
234 Module Introduction

Module 10 AWS Monitoring and Automation Services
235 Module Introduction

Module 11 AWS Security Services
236 Lesson 27 AWS Security Reporting
237 Learning objectives
238 AWS CloudTrail
239 AWS GuardDuty
240 Demo Deliver GuardDuty Findings to SNS (Console)
241 Amazon Inspector
242 Demo Enable Inspector (Console)
243 AWS Security Hub

Module 12 AWS Developer Services
244 Module Introduction

Module 13 AWS Billing and Cost Management
245 Module Introduction

Module 14 Course Wrap-Up and Next Steps
246 Module Introduction

247 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summary