AWS for Developers: PayPal Payment Processing with Lambdas

AWS for Developers: PayPal Payment Processing with Lambdas
AWS for Developers: PayPal Payment Processing with Lambdas

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In many cases payment processing can require a server-side piece, which can be difficult and confusing. AWS provides Lambdas which can solve many of the problems by removing the server configuration and maintenance while still providing the necessary functionality. This course contains the straightforward steps involved in implementing PayPal payment processing using Lambdas. Bear Cahill covers setting up resources, leveraging a local Ruby script with Braintree, creating a Lambda from a Ruby script, calling from an API gateway, handling client payments, and more.

Topics include:

  • Using PayPal payments via AWS
  • Working with PayPal and Braintree resources
  • Using a sandbox account
  • Leveraging Ruby scripts
  • Create a Braintree gateway
  • Creating custom IDs
  • Calling from an API gateway
  • Setting up an Xcode project
  • Handing calls from a client
  • Parsing a token in an app
  • Using a payment UI and nonce
  • Processing payments in a Lambda
+ Table of Contents

1 PayPal payments via AWS
2 What you should know

Payment Processing
3 Payment concepts
4 PayPal resources
5 Braintree resources
6 Sandbox account

Ruby Script with Braintree
7 Local Ruby script
8 Adding the Braintree framework
9 Create a Braintree gateway
10 Create a client token

AWS Lambda
11 AWS account and console
12 Lambda basics
13 Create a Lambda from a Ruby script
14 Custom ID creation
15 Calling from an API gateway

Processing Client Payment
16 Xcode project setup
17 Calling from the client
18 Parse a token in app
19 Payment UI and nonce
20 Send payment to a Lambda
21 Process payment in a Lambda

22 Next steps