AWS for Developers: AWS AppSync with GraphQL

AWS for Developers: AWS AppSync with GraphQL
AWS for Developers: AWS AppSync with GraphQL

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

As mobile apps mature, users have grown to expect data to be available across devices—even offline—as well as real-time updates. AWS AppSync helps with both of these while also using GraphQL for the API. In this course, discover how to leverage AWS AppSync and GraphQL in your mobile app development workflow. Instructor Bear Cahill takes you through the creation of an online GraphQL API from an existing DynamoDB table, and vice versa. He shows how to define the schema; generate the mobile app code via Amplify; and develop an app with a user login, online data with offline availability, and real-time updates.

Topics include:

  • Preparing to use AppSync in code
  • Updating settings and the schema
  • Adding a second data source
  • Storing posts online
  • Updating subscriptions in schema
  • Testing live updates
  • Handling updated posts
  • Offline capabilities
+ Table of Contents

1 AppSync high availability and real-time updates
2 What you should know
3 AWS account and console
4 Amplify user authentication
5 App configuration
6 User authentication in app
7 Account management
8 AppSync GraphQL API with Amplify
9 Amplify codegen
10 AWS AppSync CocoaPod
11 Preparing to use AppSync in code
12 Save settings online
13 Update settings
14 Update a schema
15 Fetch settings
16 Adding posts DB table
17 Codegen with changes
18 Storing posts online
19 Fetching online data
20 Deleting posts online
21 Update subscriptions in a schema
22 Handle new posts
23 Testing live updates
24 Handle updated posts
25 Link conditioner
26 Offline data
27 Clean up
28 Next steps