Awesome Coding: Build Cool Stuff with JavaScript and Node.js

Awesome Coding: Build Cool Stuff with JavaScript and Node.js

English | 2021 | 257 Pages | PDF, EPUB, MOBI | 21 MB

Learn coding with JavaScript and Node.js from scratch and work on practical projects, applicable and interesting projects.

Awesome Coding is a book that teaches you JavaScript and Node.js by building cool projects. In this book, you will learn coding from scratch and work on practical projects that include data analysis, image manipulation, web scraping, command-line applications, natural language processing, and web APIs to get news, stock, and even cryptocurrency data.

I am a self-taught developer, so I wanted to make sure to create an engaging book that is easily accessible by beginners. If you want to learn coding from scratch with highly practical, applicable, and useful examples, this is the right book for you.

Who is Awesome Coding for?
This book is for complete beginners who would like to start learning JavaScript and Node.js with practical, interesting, and awesome examples. Prior coding knowledge is not required.

What is included in the Book?
JavaScript and Node.js Basics

Learn the basics of JavaScript and Node.js from scratch. Establish an understanding of software development principles such as the Single Responsibility Principle, Do not repeat yourself, Test-Driven Development.

File System Operations

Create files and folders using Node.js. Learn working synchronously vs asynchronously.

Image Manipulation

Programmatically resize, color-correct, or modify images.

Web Scraping

Automate your interactions with the web. Programmatically scrape website data, take screenshots.

Command-Line Applications

Build programs that can be controlled from the command-line (terminal).

Natural Language Processing

Perform NLP operations such as language detection and sentiment analysis.

Data Analysis

Practice analyzing and working large sets of data.

Web APIs

Use Web APIs to get news headlines, stock market, and cryptocurrency data.