Auditing Information and Cyber Security Governance: A Controls-Based Approach

Auditing Information and Cyber Security Governance: A Controls-Based Approach

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-0367568504 | 298 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

“A much-needed service for society today. I hope this book reaches information managers in the organization now vulnerable to hacks that are stealing corporate information and even holding it hostage for ransom.”

– Ronald W. Hull, author, poet, and former professor and university administrator

A comprehensive entity security program deploys information asset protection through stratified technological and non-technological controls. Controls are necessary for counteracting threats, opportunities, and vulnerabilities risks in a manner that reduces potential adverse effects to defined, acceptable levels. This book presents a methodological approach in the context of normative decision theory constructs and concepts with appropriate reference to standards and the respective guidelines. Normative decision theory attempts to establish a rational framework for choosing between alternative courses of action when the outcomes resulting from the selection are uncertain. Through the methodological application, decision theory techniques can provide objectives determination, interaction assessments, performance estimates, and organizational analysis. A normative model prescribes what should exist according to an assumption or rule.