Asynchronous On-chip Networks and Fault-tolerant Techniques

Asynchronous On-chip Networks and Fault-tolerant Techniques

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1032255750 | 362 Pages | PDF | 34 MB

Asynchronous On-Chip Networks and Fault-Tolerant Techniques is the first comprehensive study of fault-tolerance and fault-caused deadlock effects in asynchronous on-chip networks, aiming to overcome these drawbacks and ensure greater reliability of applications.

As a promising alternative to the widely used synchronous on-chip networks for multicore processors, asynchronous on-chip networks can be vulnerable to faults even if they can deliver the same performance with much lower energy and area compared with their synchronous counterparts – faults can not only corrupt data transmission but also cause a unique type of deadlock. By adopting a new redundant code along with a dynamic fault detection and recovery scheme, the authors demonstrate that asynchronous on-chip networks can be efficiently hardened to tolerate both transient and permanent faults and overcome fault-caused deadlocks.

This book will serve as an essential guide for researchers and students studying interconnection networks, fault-tolerant computing, asynchronous system design, circuit design and on-chip networking, as well as for professionals interested in designing fault-tolerant and high-throughput asynchronous circuits.