Apache Maven: A Practical Introduction

Apache Maven: A Practical Introduction
Apache Maven: A Practical Introduction

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Understand how Apache Maven works from the ground up and be a winner with your Java builds

In this course, we look at the Maven build tool, which is currently the number-one industry standard for creating Java applications. By concentrating on practical hands-on demonstrations, you’ll see first hand how Maven works and from there develop the confidence to be able to use it independently to build your Java projects at home, in college, or in the workplace.

This is a beginners’ course, although it has some useful content for those already familiar with Maven. But to get the maximum value from the course, you should really be a beginner with the tool. Maybe you’ve started a new job where they use it to build their applications, or you’re learning industry-standard tools to get ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, by unlocking the mechanics of how Maven works, you should be able to better build Java projects with the tool and have fun doing so!

Please note: You’ll need to be familiar with creating simple applications using Java and have an awareness of basic concepts like compilation of Java code, running of a Java class etc., as well as being familiar with using the commandline to run simple commands.


  • Understand how Maven works under the hood
  • Create and build your own Java projects with Maven
  • Understand where to find dependencies (libraries) for use in your projects, and how to include them (by unlocking them and tapping into the huge Java ecosystem of open source libraries and components)
  • Understand how Maven describes projects with the Project Object Model
  • Appreciate how Maven resolves dependencies
  • Get familiar with the build life cycle and its phases
  • Understand simple build customization to execute plugins
  • Know how to use Maven in Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA – the two most popular Java IDEs
+ Table of Contents

01 Welcome to the course!
02 Setting up for Using the Command Line
03 Creating a Maven Project with the Quickstart Archetype
04 Section Introduction
05 Checking if you have Maven Installed
06 Installing Maven on Windows
07 Installing Maven on Linux
08 Installing Maven on Mac with sdkman
09 A Quick Tour of the Maven Installation
10 Section Introduction
11 The Structure of a Maven Project
12 Performing Simple Build Tasks with Maven
13 Maven Invocation Modes
14 The Project Object Model and POM File
15 The Super POM and Effective POM
16 Maven Build Lifecycles and Phases
17 Resolving a Simple Dependency
18 Resolving a Complex Dependency
19 Analyzing Dependencies with Dependency Tree
20 Finding Dependencies in the Maven Central Repository
21 The Maven Local Repo Cache
22 Population of the Local Maven Repo Cache when Executing a Build
23 Maven Plugins
24 The Maven Help Plugin
25 Creating a Web App Project
26 Section Introduction
27 Creating a Maven project from Scratch in Intellij IDEA
28 Importing and Using a Maven Project in IntelliJ IDEA
29 Creating a Maven Project from Scratch in Eclipse
30 Importing and Using a Maven Project in Eclipse
31 Thank you and where next